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Cocoa Extract Linked to Heart Health

Mars, Inc., maker of M&M’sSnickersTwix, and various other chocolaty confections, is partnering with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to study whetherflavanols in cocoa can boost heart health and help prevent heart attacks and strokes. Previous studies indicate that cocoa flavanols improve blood pressure, cholesterol, artery health, and other cardiologic measures. But don’t go gorging yourself on candy bars just yet; the flavanols are often destroyed when cocoa is processed. Thus, flavanol capsules rather than chocolate bars are the preferred delivery method and will be used throughout the course of the four-year study. More… Discuss

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Around 5000 people made it downtown Des Moines, Iowa for the 9th annual Oktoberfest. Lots of bier, food, and great polka music.

Please visit
for a great post on health benefits deriving from the consumption of sauerkraut and other probiotics

From Wikipedia:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Choucroute garnie, a traditional dish of Alsace (France), where sauerkraut is garnished with sausages and other pork products

Sauerkraut (/ˈsaʊərkrt/German pronunciation: [ˈzaʊ.ɐˌkʁaʊt] ( listen)), directly translated: “sour cabbage”, is finely cutcabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria, including LeuconostocLactobacillus, and Pediococcus.[1][2] It has a long shelf-life and a distinctive sour flavor, both of which result from the lactic acid that forms when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage. Sauerkraut is also used as a condiment upon various foods, such as meat dishes and hot dogs.[3][4][[6]


Fermented foods have a long history in many cultures. Today, two of the most well-known instances of traditional fermented cabbage side dishes are sauerkraut and Korean kimchi.[7] The Roman writers Cato (in his De Agri Cultura) and Columella (in his De re Rustica) mentioned preserving cabbages and turnips with salt. It is believed to have been introduced to Europe in its present form 1,000 years later by Genghis Khan after invading China.[8][9] The Tartars took it in their saddlebags to Europe. There it took root mostly in Eastern European and Germanic cuisines, but also in other countries including France, where the name became choucroute.[10]

Before frozen foods, refrigeration, and cheap transport from warmer areas became readily available in northern and central Europe, sauerkraut, like other preserved foods, provided a source of nutrients during the winter. James Cook always took a store of sauerkraut on his sea voyages, since experience had taught him it preventedscurvy.[11][12]

Geographic distribution

In Germany, sauerkraut is often flavored with juniper berries. Traditionally it is served with pork, Strasbourg sausage or frankfurters, bacon, smoked pork or smoked Morteau or Montbéliard sausages, accompanied typically by roasted or steamed potatoes or dumplings.[13]

Sauerkraut is the main ingredient of the Alsatian meal choucroute garnie (French for dressed sauerkraut), sauerkraut with sausages and other salted meats and charcuterie, and often potatoes.

Sauerkraut is the most important ingredient in the shchi, a traditional soup of Russia where it has been known as far back as the 9th century, the time of the import of cabbage from Byzantium.


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From National Geographic: The 10 Best Chocolatiers in the World – Intelligent Travel

The 10 Best Chocolatiers in the World – Intelligent Travel.

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Reduce Footprints: Does your food do more than fill you up?

Reduce Footprints: Does your food do more than fill you up?.


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Streit’s German Bakery: My Bakery (all natural bread)

Streit's German Bakery: My  Bakery (all natural bread)

Streit’s German Bakery: My Bakery (all natural bread)

National Geographic: Mick Dodge Hunting Mushrooms (chanterelle)

Mick turns to the wind when his chanterelle mushroom hunting hits a dead end. THE LEGEND OF MICK DODGE AIRS TUESDAYS at 10P.


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Peanut Allergy Trial Success

When it comes to food allergiespeanut allergies are the most deadly, but perhaps not for long. A clinical trial involving 85 children with peanut allergies successfully increased the tolerance of 84% to five peanuts a day after six months. At the start of the trial, participants were given a daily dose of peanut protein powder equivalent to one 70th of a peanut, too little to initiate an allergic reaction. Over the course of the study, the dose was slowly increased under careful medical observation, desensitizing most of the children to small amounts of peanuts. More… Discuss


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Image caption · The world’s platform for change.

Make your platform for change!


Let’s learn from Voni: Azodicarbonamide: banned in the rest of the world…striving in our food…Question: WHY?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CAS number 123-77-3 Yes
PubChem 31269
ChemSpider 4575589 Yes
UNII 56Z28B9C8O Yes
EC-number 204-650-8
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C2H4N4O2
Molar mass 116.08 g mol−1
Appearance Yellow to orange/red crystalline powder
MSDS External MSDS
EU classification Harmful (XN)
R-phrases R42 R44
S-phrases S22 S24 S37
NFPA 704
NFPA 704.svg
 Yes (verify) (what is: Yes/?)
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)
Infobox references

Azodicarbonamide, or azobisformamide, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C2H4O2N4.[1] It is a yellow to orange red, odorless, crystalline powder. As a food additive, it is known by the E number E927.

Use as a food additive

Azodicarbonamide is used as a food additive, a flour bleaching agent and improving agent. It reacts with moist flour as an oxidizing agent.[2] The main reaction product is biurea,[3] a derivative of urea, which is stable during baking. Secondary reaction products include semicarbazide[4] and ethyl carbamate.[5] The United States permits the use of azodicarbonamide at levels up to 45 ppm.[6] In Australia[citation needed] the use of azodicarbonamide as a food additive is banned. In Singapore, use is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a fine of $450,000[citation needed].

Other uses

The principal use of azodicarbonamide is in the production of foamed plastics as an additive. The thermal decomposition of azodicarbonamide results in the evolution of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia gases, which are trapped in the polymer as bubbles to form a foamed article.

Azodicarbonamide as used in plastics, synthetic leather and other uses can be pure or modified. This is important because modification affects the reaction temperatures. Pure azodicarbonamide generally reacts around 200 °C, but there are some products that the reaction temperature must be lower, depending on the application. In the plastic, leather and other industries, modified azodicarbonamide (average decomposition temperature 170 °C) contains additives that accelerate the reaction or react at lower temperatures.

Azodicarbonamide as a blowing agent in plastics has been banned in Europe since August 2005 for the manufacture of plastic articles that are intended to come into direct contact with food.[7]


In the United States, azodicarbonamide has generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status and is allowed to be added to flour at levels up to 45 ppm.[8]

In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive has identified azodicarbonamide as a respiratory sensitizer (a possible cause of asthma) and determined that products should be labeled with “May cause sensitisation by inhalation.”[9] TheWorld Health Organization has linked azodicarbonamide to “respiratory issues, allergies and asthma.” Britain, Europe, and Australia now ban its use in food.[10]

Toxicological studies of the reactions of azodicarbonamide show that it is rapidly converted in dough to biurea, which is a stable compound not decomposed upon cooking.[11]


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Ridichea neagra, leac excelent impotriva tusei – Yahoo Ştiri România

Ridichea neagra, leac excelent impotriva tuseiRidichea neagra, leac excelent impotriva tusei – Yahoo Ştiri România.

Pâine fără coloranţi pentru români: ANPC interzice E-urile în compoziţia produselor de panificaţie – Yahoo Ştiri România

Pâine fără coloranţi pentru români: ANPC interzice E-urile în compoziţia produselor de panificaţie – Yahoo Ştiri România.

Phryne Fisher_ Kerry Greenwood (they speak French not frankglish)

Phryne Fisher_ Kerry Greenwood

Phryne Fisher_ Kerry Greenwood (click for the site)


Ten Eggs
salt and pepper
loaf of firm wholemeal bread, all crusts cut off, buttered

Boil new laid eggs for ten minutes. One egg per sandwhich. Immediately plunge them into cold water so that the yolks do not darken. When almost cold peel them and slice or chop them. Mix the eggs with a tablespoon of minced parsley and enough mayonnaise to make a nice texture. Add salt and pepper and lay the egg mixture on the buttered bread. Egg sandwiches are traditionally cut into squares.



Adding an Apple a Day Could Prevent Thousands of Deaths

Researchers say people should pay heed to the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Ninety percent of adults eat at least one portion of fruit every day, but less than a third actually get the recommendedfive servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Adding just one apple, or a serving of any fruit or vegetable, to one’s daily diet could have significant health implications. According to the researchers’ calculations, if every adult in the UK increased his or her daily consumption of fruits and vegetables by one serving, 11,000 deaths due to vascular issues could be avoided each year. More… Discuss


How to Make Milk Kefir

Learn how to make Milk Kefir at home for a fraction of the cost of buying it at the grocery store. Milk Kefir is one of the easiest cultured foods to make–even easier than yogurt! Step-by-step instructions including information on where to obtain a Milk Kefir culture (also known as Milk Kefir Grains).
Visit: for more information

Gingerbread House: Streit’s German Bakery in Downey Tel: (562) 923-0844 Fax: (562) 923-1313

Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey

Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey

Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey Gingerbread House: Streit Bakery in Downey

7 Photos of L.A. Street Food Throughout The Years | The Nosh | Food | KCET


7 Photos of L.A. Street Food Throughout The Years | The Nosh | Food | KCET.

Eat Your Veggies!

Eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or cabbage might slow the progression of—or even prevent—osteoarthritis. In mice, sulforaphane, a compound created in these vegetables when they are eaten, blocked a key cartilage-damaging enzyme. Researchers are now investigating whether sulforaphane will do the same for humans. For two weeks before knee surgery, 20 arthritis sufferers will eat a specially bredbroccoli variety that contains high levels of glucoraphanin, the compound that becomes sulforaphane. The tissue that is removed will then be examined for signs of sulforaphane’s benefits. More… Discuss


▶ Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, August 11 – YouTube

▶ Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, August 11 – YouTube.

Published on Aug 12, 2013
Visit to watch the entire independent, global news hour. This is a summary of news headlines from the United States and around the world as reported by Democracy Now! on Monday, August 11, 2013. Visit our website to read the complete transcript, search the vast news archive, or to make a donation to support our non-profit news program.

Twitter: @democracynow 
Subscribe on YouTube: 
Listen on SoundCloud 
Daily Email News Digest: 
Watch it live 8-9am ET via livestream at

Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today, visit


What Bread’s Composition should be? Is there any doubt? This one!

What Bread's Composition should be? Is there any doubt? This one!

What Bread‘s Composition should be? Is there any doubt? This one!

There is  at least one reason fro which people get insanely fat in this country and cannot shake it off: It is the adulterated, reconstituted, artificially, industrially made prefabed foods sold to us: And yeas all brands of breads, are no exception!

If you ask me: “What Bread’s Composition should be?”  

I’ll tell you: “Is there any doubt? This one:

Wheat flower, rye flower, Water, Natural Sour, Yeast, Salt, Ground Caraway (may be) and especially Natural no fat“. You see this recipe did not change in the last thousand years , as much as it was change in the last twenty:  Long live CODEX, and our culinary leaders! 


Video: Obama discusses Hillary Clinton and Trayvon Martin on Leno – The Globe and Mail


Video: Obama discusses Hillary Clinton and Trayvon Martin on Leno – The Globe and Mail.


La Guanábana o la fruta del árbol de Graviola es un producto milagroso para matar las células cancerosas.
Es 10,000 veces más potente que la quimioterapia. Destruye las células malignas en 12 tipos de cáncer, incluyendo el de colon, de pecho, de próstata, del pulmón y del páncreas…

Los compuestos de este árbol demostraron actuar 10,000 veces mejor retardando el crecimiento de las células de cáncer que el producto Adriamycin, una droga quimioterapéutica, normalmente usada en el mundo. 


Y lo que es todavía más asombroso: este tipo de terapia, con el extracto de Graviola, o Guanábana, destruye tan sólo las malignas células del cáncer y no afecta las células sanas.

Instant World publishes this article translated by Colombian journalist  Orlando Lopez Garcia , warning that its contents are the sole responsibility of the Institute of Health Sciences, whose website and address encentran the end of writing.

The Fruit Soursop or Graviola tree is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells.

Is 10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy.

Why are not aware of it? Because there are organizations interested in finding a synthetic version, enabling them to make fabulous profits.

So from now on you can help a friend in need by letting him know that you should drink soursop juice to prevent disease.

Its taste is pleasant. And of course it does not produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy. And it has the potential to do so, plant a guava tree in your backyard. All parts are useful. 

The next time you want to drink a juice, ask soursop.

How many people die while this has been a closely guarded secret so as not to profit billions risks of large corporations?

As you well know the soursop tree is low. Not much space, is known by the name of graviola in Brazil, guanabana in Spanish, and “Soursop” in English.

The fruit is large and sweet, white pulp is eaten directly or it is normally used to make drinks, sherbet, sweets etc.

The interest of this plant is due to its strong anti-cancer effects. And although he attributed many more properties, the most interesting is the effect it produces on tumors .. This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types. Some argue that it is useful in all variants of cancer.

It is considered also as an anti-microbial agent wide spectrum against bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, regulates high blood pressure and antidepressant, combat stress and nervous disorders.

The truth is simple: Deep within the Amazon Rainforest grows a tree that could revolutionize what you, your doctor, and the rest of the world thinks about cancer treatment and survival chances offered, never before had presented a so promising outlook ..

Research samples, with extracts from this miraculous tree, are encouraging. Here are some findings:

* It is a natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss or no hair.

* Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections

* The person feels stronger and healthier throughout the treatment

* That renewed energy improves your outlook on life

The source of this information is fascinating: it comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, who says that after more than 20 laboratory tests conducted since 1970, the extracts revealed that:

To destroy malignant cells in 12 types of cancer , including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas …

The compounds of this tree act showed 10,000 times better slowing the growth of cancer cells the product Adriamycin, a chemotherapeutic drug, normally used in the world. 

And what is even more astonishing: this type of therapy, Graviola extract, or Soursop, only destroys malignant cancer cells and does not affect healthy cells . 


Dragonfruit (Hylocereus undatus) delicious fruit…Not too sweet, low glycemic index, eat with or without seeds

Remarkable edible fruit. Easy to grow from seeds. Recommended to people in the drylands.

Tart Cherries for Insomnia |

Tart Cherries for Insomnia |


Cum Se Face Painea De Cartofi (Homemade Bread with Potatoes)

Traditional in Transylvania (Ardeal)

From The Blog – Huff Post Green- Danielle Nierenberg – 11 Chefs Changing the Food System….(but don’t just take my word for it: check it out for yourselves!)

From The Blog - huff Post Green- Danielle Nierenberg - 11 Chefs Changing the Food System

From The Blog – Huff Post Green- Danielle Nierenberg – 11 Chefs Changing the Food System (click to access story….Of forever regret that your didn’t… :(  )


The Mantoux skin test consists of an intraderm...

The Mantoux skin test consists of an intradermal injection of exactly one tenth of a milliliter (mL) of PPD tuberculin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


"Fight tuberculosis - obey the rules of h...

“Fight tuberculosis – obey the rules of health” – A poster from the Works Progress Administration created between 1936–1941 urges the public to prevent tuberculosis by having good sleeping habits, eating well, and getting exposure to sunlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Citrus Could Combat Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis

In recent years, strains of tuberculosis have emerged that are able to withstand some of the most potent antibiotics on the market, but a fairly low-tech solution could be their undoing. When vitamin C is introduced to tuberculosis bacteria in a test tube, it triggers a process that kills off the bacilli—even drug-resistant strains. It is possible that, when used in conjunction with existing tuberculosis treatments, vitamin C could help root out these hard-to-treat infections. More… Discuss

Main symptoms of different variants and stages...

Main symptoms of different variants and stages of tuberculosis (See Wikipedia:Tuberculosis), with many symptoms overlapping with other variants, while others are more (but not entirely) specific for certain variants. Multiple variants may be present simultaneously. Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A Cup of Beet Juice a Day May Keep the Doctor Away

Researchers say drinking 8 ounces (250 ml) of beet juice can reduce high blood pressure by 10mm of mercury within hours. Nitrate drugs are used in the treatment ofangina pectorischest pain resulting from insufficient blood supply to the heart—and the nitrate that is naturally present in beets is likely responsible for the edible root’s blood pressure-lowering power. It remains to be seen if regular consumption of nitrate-rich produce like beets improves long-term cardiovascular health. More… Discuss

McLeod’s Daughters_Fresh Tomatoes Picking: Screenshot

McLeod's Daughters_Fresh Tomatos Picking

McLeod’s Daughters_Fresh Tomatoes Picking: Screenshot

From Discovery News _ Oldest Cookbook Found

From Discovery News _ Oldest Cookbook Found

From Discovery News _ Oldest Cookbook Found  (click to access soty at Discovery News)

The benefits of God provided foods, before nuclear age, mercury, lead, pesticides that kill everything, and everybody, and all other contemporary inventions that make us sick, literally: What the worth of development with collateral damages? To high to take any risks!  

Life: Risk management assessment and  doesn’t live here!


How to make my delicious Shitake/portabella/vegetables stew? I don’t know, I just do it like such:

Shitake stew-Portabella_Vegetable Stew (my Photo Collection)

Shitake stew-Portabella_Vegetable Stew (my Photo Collection)

Steamed Foods

- 1/2lb. Shitake Mushrooms
- 1/2lb. Portabella Mushrooms
- Add thime, oregano, Tarragon, turmeric  ginger, Herb and Spices, Basil (all dry, or fresh, Ground peppercorn, 5 ears of garlic, Salt (I use balance salt Ka&Na Clorides 50%50)

  • Steam for 15 minutes on High
  • Stir and add:

- 1/2 lb. baby carrots, 3 large Squash, Salt, ! oz. Low Sodium Kikoman Sauce, 
10 Pitted dry prunes, 2 large mandarins, pilled and their skins, 1/2 oz. simulation bacon bits, Everything else you may enjoy, I don’t know be creative: I am!

  • Sir, and then stew, on medium 15 minutes,

- Add 1/ lb. baby spinach, Sprinkle turmeric, and ginger,
do not stir,
cover ans steam 5-10 minutes,

Let cool down covered….Now say smile and take a picture (remove cover first!)

Bon Appetit  :)

Please come with any suggestions you may have: I will not withdraw the mandarins  nor the dry pitted prunes…The rest is negotiable! 

Uganda: Access to Safe Water; More of a Myth than a Reality




Salty Diet Linked to Autoimmune Disease

Salt may give food a great taste, but in recent years, it has become increasingly evident that moderation is key when it comes to sodium consumption. Its links to stroke, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and numerous other diseases are well established, and researchers are still discovering new ways that excess sodium intake negatively impacts health. Recently, they found evidence to suggest that salt could trigger autoimmune disease, like type 1 diabetes,rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, in people genetically predisposed to these conditions. More… Discuss



Scan-pics_ bad Android! -1

Scan-pics_ bad Android! -1 (Don’t rug your eyes!)

 Scan-pics_ bad Android! -2.jpg

Scan-pics_ bad Android! -2.jpg (bad android, good scans!)

If I can stop Whatever’s in this Box getting out, ….The question of the hours is who’s got the Pandorica? ( DRINK KEFIR!)

If I can stop Whatever's in this Box getting out, .... (see pic 2)

If I can stop Whatever’s in this Box getting out, ….
(see pic 2)

Lifeway Organic -2- Kefir - Yeah!

From pic 1…..The question of the hours is who’s got the Pandorica?


Mediterranean Diet May Promote Heart Health

People who eat a Mediterranean diet have been shown to have healthier hearts, but previous research has not ruled out lifestyle and other factors as the cause for this. The results of a new study, however, lend credence to the notion that the diet itself is responsible for reducing heart disease and stroke risk. Researchers randomly assigned participants, all of whom had diabetes or other cardiovascular risk factors, to one of three diet groups and found that those asked to follow a Mediterranean diet were nearly a third less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those on a control diet emphasizing low-fat dairy products, grains, fruits, and vegetables. More… Discuss


Regina Spektor – Samson

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
He ate a slice of wonder bread, and went right back to bed
And history books forgot about us and the Bible didn’t mention us
And the Bible didn’t mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came fallin’ on our heads
But they’re just old light, they’re just old light
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson came to my bed
Told me that my hair was red
Told me I was beautiful, and came into my bed
Oh, I cut his hair myself one night
A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light
And he told me that I’d done alright
And kissed me till the mornin’ light, the mornin’ light
And he kissed me till the mornin’ light

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
Ate a slice of wonder bread, and went right back to bed
Oh, we couldn’t bring the columns down
Yeah, we couldn’t destroy a single one
And history books forgot about us
And the Bible didn’t mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first

Find more amazing compositions by Regina Spektor here

Regina Spektor “Samson” Directed by Peter Sluszka

Regina’s new album ‘What We Saw from the Cheap Seats‘ is available now:

For more Regina:

Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor (Photo credit: Man Alive!)

FRANCE 24 France Bon A… : 04/07/2012 FRANCE BON APPETIT Raw Chocolate: Hmmmmmm yummy

France Bon Appétit highlights the very best of French cuisine and culinary culture. Raw chocolate, Chocolate crude.

Sandra Lerner

Why Sandra Lerner,  you’re going to ask? Because she represents the story of success after the system she believed in fired her from the company she started: Cisco Systems. Everybody who put foot in a computer store, heard of the company,  almost everybody who uses a router. Her creation was taken away from her,  in this asphalt jungle where there is only God is GREED. She had the financial opportunity to start a line of cosmetics, with a clear symbolic name: “Urban Decay Cosmetics”, clearly stating the mindset in which the system she believed in let her down. But her call of the land, her beginning in a farm, her love for farm animals, including horses, and turkeys, the simple call of the land, saved her from the urban decay, as she purchased and started a new life, on her farm, where she get to imitate the language of the turkey, where she raises the animals, away from the lucrative food industry with all its nasty secrets. She confesses that her turkeys run more expensive than the food industry’s. But it is the quality of the feed, the lack of pesticides, tryptophan, salt, antibiotics, and who knows what else they staff in them turkeys today, that makes hers a more expensive treat.

I was very impressed by her story, as I happened to watch it on some TV station, so I said to myself that her story of hope can now, more than ever make others  think more about their lives, and the social standards that we allowed to run them.

Sandra Lerner and Home Farm and Store

Sandra Lerner and Home Farm and Store (click here to find out more about the farm)

Ms. Lerner primarily resides at her 800-acre (3.2 km2) estate, Ayrshire Farm in Upperville, Virginia that she acquired in 1996. The circa-1912, 42-room Edwardian-style mansion of native fieldstone has since been restored and is used for a variety of social functions under Sandy’s direction.[3]

Ayrshire Farm’s mission is to farm sustainably and profitably, promoting the benefits of locally produced, humanely-raised meats and organic produce to the consumer, the community, and children through education, outreach and example. The farm sells its products online and locally from The Home Store in Middleburg, Virginia. Sandy also owns the Hunter’s Head Tavern in Upperville, Virginia


WEbMD_lowering Cholesterol SLideshow: 15 Tips for Avoiding Hart Disease

WebMD_Slideshow_ 15 Tips for Avoiding Heart Disease

WebMD_Slideshow_ 15 Tips for Avoiding Heart Disease

From WebMD – Vitamins and Supplements Lifestyle Guide –

Vitamins and Supplements Lifestyle Guide - WebMD

Vitamins and Supplements Lifestyle Guide - WebMD

Type 2 Diabetes Pictures Slideshow: Learn the Warning Signs

Type 2 Diabetes Pictures Slideshow_ Learn the Warning Signs - MedicineNet

Type 2 Diabetes Pictures Slideshow_ Learn the Warning Signs - MedicineNet

There is no way around it: Daily exercise has to become part of who you are, even more so after you have been diagnosed with the big D (for Diabetes). No matter what medication, no matter how much of it, your health status will only worsen unless a battery of physical activities becomes part of your daily life and you may even start enjoying enough to make it a wonderful pastime.  The  earlier in the morning you exercise the better will influence the rest of the day. It is hard to face this reality, especially if the only exercise you have been practicing is at your fingertips (like in spending all that time on the computer, seated, slouching, straining your eyes, staring at a flat, two dimensional screen, just like you’re doing as you read this article: don’t get me wrong, thanks for reading so far, and to the end, but afterward, get up and stretch a little). As a rule:  The more sedentary lifestyle the more exercise you need, the more you’ll need to become more active.

No matter what you choose to do, all exercises have as foundation breathing (yes I know we are aerobic creatures, but how many of us still remember how we used to breathe when we were very young? I mean how many still breathe from the abdomen? Easy to check: place the palm of one hand on your abdomen and observe what happen to that hand while you’re breathing: If when you breathe out the abdomen compresses, than you know that you’re breathing more or less from your diaphragm, as you should. Start all exercises with an breath out, and relax upon breathing in. Breathe out while lowering your arms and breathe out as you raise them. walking is the best, natural way to increase your air intake, lung capacity, and the amount of carbon dioxide and water you eliminate at each exhalation. In addition walking help correcting your posture, balance, and endurance, while you start loosing weight. It is time to purchase a electronic scale, set your personal information, get a closer look at you numbers: Body mass index (BMI), weight, set a goal (such as lowering your weight (a pound a week) over let’s say three months. 

After a week or two you can start walking faster and faster, check your pulse, and stay within the comfort zone of being able to talk entire phrases without fatigue, slow down if you need to catch your breath in order to make longer sentences.
For indoors,  I prefer an elliptic equipment (cross country) with variable tension. I like to combine forward and backward rotation, which involves differently your arms and legs muscles. Start small steps, try and get 2-3 times a day on the equipment for few minutes: you can watch Tv, or listen to music while exercising; time will just fly by!
acknowledge the effort your body is making and think about how good it will feel knowing that it earned the apple is going to receive…yes start thinking that way, food can become a reward, healthy food (apples are great). Do not starve yourself, but eat smaller meals, and drink green tea (which is a great appetite suppressant, and helps digestion and muscle activity. It has much lesser caffeine than coffee, but unlike coffee is fat free).

Outdoors there are so many ways to exercise, one only has to make up one’s mind. I will invite you again to discover more about the outdoors.

All in moderation, and in full observance of the effect on your health can really add to the quality of your life when you need it most: In the later years.  

Today’s Birthday: Christiaan Eijkman (1858)

Christiaan Eijkman (1858)

While seeking a bacterial cause for the nutritional disorder beriberi, Eijkman, a Dutch pathologist, noticed a resemblance between a nerve disorder in his laboratory chickens and the symptoms of beriberi. He traced the chickens’ disorder to a change in their feed—it had been switched from brown to white rice—and surmised that white rice lacked a dietary component found in brown rice. This eventually led to the discovery of vitamins and earned him a 1929 Nobel Prize, which he shared with whom? More… Discuss

Diabetes on the Rise via The Lancet

Diabetes onthe Rise _ At the Antipode of Starvation
Diabetes on the Rise _ At the Antipode of Starvation

(Click o the picture to read the story at “The Lancet”)

Daily Workout (one hour of brisk walking for example), preferably outdoors, will contribute to your wellness both physical and mental. If you can walk four miles in one hour, you are at a good pace. 

Table Salt – Sodium Chloride – In Foods



High Sodium, Low Potassium Diet Danger

It is widely believed that eating too much salt can increase one’s risk of hypertension and death from heart disease or stroke, though recent studies investigating this assertion have had mixed results. The latest study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a link between high sodium consumption and increased risk of heart attack related death but also noted that potassium rich foods could help defend against salt’s ill effects. The 15-year study followed more than 12,000 people and showed that those who had both a high salt intake and a low potassium intake had the highest risk of dying from any cause. More… Discuss

Those who worked in industry like ceramic tiles or ice cream,  know that adding salt (Sodium Chloride) to a liquid increases its viscosity and rheology properties. In the human body, blood viscosity is also controlled by the amount of salt: When too much salt is in the system the blood becomes more viscous which results in the increase in the blood pressure. As a counteraction we become thirsty, and require more water than needed in order to dilute the blood and bring the viscosity down. Now we have two negative health effects: water retention and high blood pressure.
The salt balance, a mixture of Sodium and Potassium Chlorides, add an extra taste to food, due to its Potassium Chloride. There are different concentrations available, al the way to Sodium Chloride substitute table salt (only Potassium Chloride).

While one can buy all these food supplements from any market, it is important to consult with a medical professional, before committing to a low Sodium Diet, use of water pill, of other medication prescribed to reduce the blood pressure.

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After a lengthy inquiry (of 1 day), food dyes are safe (By FDA)

It is the reason for which I do not consume “industrial” foods:
Use natural dies for your food: tomatoes, red cabbage, onions,
Herbs, both to add color and flavor.
when it comes to sweets, the best tasting cake is the one you avoid eating:
Your body will thank you for allowing it to rest from having to process all that sugar, and fat, trying to find creative ways to store the extra, and than eliminate the rest. When a food is not that appealing to your taste buds, is only because you are not hungry anymore, because you got more than enough.
Get your carbohydrates from natural sources, rather than industrial food.

Green Tea, effective in prostate cancer protection

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According to the studies, it is clear that among other types of cancer, green tea effectively protects the male’s prostate health: What does that have to do with my posting? Well I do believe too that green tea is a clear health promoter, when served daily. I do not have a vested commercial interest in promoting it, but I would feel selfish at the least, not to publicly acclaim the many health benefits  experienced from green tea consumption:

Goodbye Coffee, Hello Green Tea!

Please read the article linked here for more information on recognized health benefits:,

give it a try yourself: Don’t make it a New year resolution and waste 350 days…
start today instead: Make the next cup of your beverage  a cupful of green tea!

Dave Brubeck Quartet: Besame Mucho

Godiva chocolatier pearls And wasabi green peas


Nothing tastier  now than a dozen Godiva Chocolatier pearls, mixed with wasabi coated green peas, and a bite in a freshly cut  wedge of lemon, to go with besame mucho and the Old Possum’s Book of Practical CATS… Or have your own way.

Streit’s German Bakery

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If you are close   to S-E corner of the of Imperial Highway and Paramount Blvd, in Downey, you can treat yourself to a unique experience, by visiting Streit’s German Bakery: I buy my bread from there, and it is the only place bread tastes the way it used to when I was growing up, back in Bucharest. The house I was born in was close to  the bread factory, and our teachers were finding several times each year reasons to revisit there: The taste of bread freshly baked, that was the reason. Many times the smell of bread from the factory would come downwind, some three quarters  of a mile, and into our classrooms.

But back to Streit’s Bakery: Beside the most delicious pastries, of French, Austrian, and German recipes, they make the most beautiful and delicious wedding cakes, and as you can see from the pictures, also Christmas gingerbread doll houses, all handmade, of fresh, all to the order. It is one of those places where is hard to comprehend how all these thinks are made: but they have great decorators, as you can see. Napoleons, cream puffs, eclaires, double chocolate fudge cakes…So delicious, they can compete with the finest european and continental deserts. Also they make Christmas walnuts rolls, just like my grandma used to make, long time ago.
I hope they will be there for many years to come.

Give it a try friends if it is in your way.

Chocolat ?

une pastillle a chocolat...Et puis... une de plus.


All the attempts made again and again by the reactionary Maire and his hires, do nothing but entice even them to try the chocolates, and become themselves customers and believers in a more colorful life, in which, not everything can turn out to be… sinful…Just human. 

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Cooked Beef Liver With Mushrooms And Bell Pepper

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This is an original recipe: I do not use a cook book, nor did I copied the recipe, but since I find the dish very palatable, I decided to share my recipe with the world.


  1. One large onion,
  2. 6 large mushrooms,
  3. one tablespoon of extra light olive oil
  4. Tarragon,
  5. Ground pepper,
  6. Rosemarie,
  7. Garlic and herbs spice,
  8. 4 hot peppers,
  9. 1 bell pepper (I prefer red).
  10. 3 fl oz. of red wine (Merlot will do)
  11. A1 steak sauce,
  12. ½ lb of fresh beef liver (thinly cut).
  13. Preparation:

            Warm up the oil in the cooking pan, while finely cutting the onion.

Add some spices #4, 5, 6, 7 and the chopped bell pepper. Stir often, so the onions brown evenly.

When the onions are ready add the mushrooms, broken or cut, in not too little pieces, stems and all, and stir so the mushrooms are on the bottom of the pot. When you start smelling the mushrooms, add the liver, in direct contact with the pan (you may need to move the vegetables aside. Add again spices # 4, 5, 6, 7, on top of the liver.

Skin the hot peppers with a potato peeler, and spread them.

After few minutes, turn the liver on the other side and add again the spices.

After one minute poor the red wine, so the liver gets to soften up. After another minute turn it over again, and cover it with the vegetables. After another minute, turn the liver over once again and add, on top A1 steak sauce, or your choice of steak sauce, remove from stove , and let rest for 5 minutes. Your natural source of iron is now ready to consume. Have a serving of beef liver once a week.

You can have salad, or half a baked potato. Avoid junk food, it would be a pity, and unhealthy too.

And now:

Bon Appétit!