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Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster (2003)


English: A close-up camera view shows Space Sh...


The Space Shuttle Columbia broke up upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere during the conclusion of its 28th mission to space, killing its seven-member crew. Investigations revealed that the breakup resulted from damage sustained during launch when a piece of foam insulation broke free from an external tank and struck the shuttle’s left wing. NASA learned of the foam strike early on but failed take steps that might have averted the disaster. Why did they ignore the issue? More… Discuss



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Why Do We Go to Space? | It’s Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios

My ode to space exploration and Discovery.
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Why do we go to space? In the beginning of our space program, the answer had a lot to do with war and paranoia. But with the dawn of the space shuttle, that all changed. Where do we go from here?

Special thanks to the National Air and Space Museum‘s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center for letting us hang out with the shuttle Discovery.

Link to the interactive Mars panorama as seen on my phone:http://bit.ly/16ttUwr

Historical footage via NASA.

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Galileo would have made a great astronaut.


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Magellan Space Probe Reaches Venus (1990)

The first planetary spacecraft to be launched from a space shuttle,Magellan took 15 months to reach its destination, arriving in orbit around the second planet from the Sun in August 1990. It was then put to work generating high-resolution maps of Venus’s surface and measuring the planet’s gravity. Four years later, with its mission complete, Magellan plunged into Venus’s tremendously dense atmosphere and disintegrated. What do Magellan’s images reveal about the planet? More… Discuss

Back to Downey: More Photos

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Honorable Del Clawson _ Stateman and Humanitarian
Honorable Del Clawson _ Statesman and Humanitarian
In Memoriam_The Space Shuttle Columbia Crew

In Memoriam_The Space Shuttle Columbia CrewIn Memoriam_The Space Shuttle Challenger Crew

These three monuments are located in the Downey City Hall Plaza.
To their right stands another monument, dedicated to John Gately Downey, The seventh Governor of California and first of foreign birth (born June 24, 1827, County of Roscommon, Ireland).  Fellow the links to find out more about these men, and their influence on the people, land and political and social life of California and the USA.

John Gately Downey - Seventh Governor of California

John Gately Downey - The Seventh Governor of California

Today In History: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Established (1958)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Established (1958)

NASA is an agency of the US government charged with aeronautics research and the nation’s civilian space program. During its history, it has been responsible for manned trips to the Moon, orbiting observatories, and unmanned programs that explored other planets and interplanetary space. Today, its goals include improving human understanding of the universe and establishing a permanent human presence in space. NASA was created by an act of Congress passed largely in response to what 1957 event? More… Discuss