Green Tea or Yerba Mate?  I say: Why not both! But How? You’ll ask, well…


Just mix both in a freshly brewed tea mix, for added compounded effect !

As a former coffee drinker I can tell anybody that there are major health effect in the tea. I prepare it in my coffee maker, that gives the right temperature for the preparation, at 170-180 Fahrenheit degrees.

I personally enjoy the “gunpowder green tea” (named so, the story goes, due to a mistake by a clerk the shipment of green tea from China to England, sometimes in the past. The aspect o the curled lives, and the color, made him think, erroneously of course, that  it had to be gun powder. As far as the yerba mate, i personally enjoy Taragüi, due to the flavor, and processing quality.

A cup of green tea?Cup Of Green Tea

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