Stefan Augustin Doinas-Nocturna I


NOCTURNA I, by Stefan Augustin Doinas

 (Translated  from Romanian Language  by, George-b.)

Slowly, we turn our face towards noone. Ah, how grand’s

The absence while standing guard at  the border of  winds!

Woken up in the throat, the sleep gives back the nightingale

The movement lost to arbors in the ground.

For a second the landscape’s negative pulses.

And then an owl absorbs it in its eye.

And look- our star stumbles hurt

By the deities’ breath filled with flies.

Only the fire flies carriers of  its message are left.

But- to whom? Those dead unshell new stars, in their mouths.

And us, captive in the iris, have no courage left

To pick at the eyelash that’s blinking for us.

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