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Seal Beach Art In The Sand: It is written in sand

Love: The engine for survival

A sunny day in November 2010, walking on the beach between San Gabriel River  (River’s End Café) and Seal Beach Pier made a movie of these marvelous mementos, so fragile, so full of life: I was just thinking to myself “these belong in a Twenty Thousand Years Time Capsule”. The rest was just fun, including the “Jazz Pizzicato”,  first composition of Leroy Anderson and one of the first pieces of music I recall listening to as a toddler, I guess.

My message to you is: Get off sofas, and couches, go outdoor, to the beach, to the mountains, walk, run, ride a bike, or drive, swimm, surf…Just be surprised and enjoy  the beauty of nature, that surrounds us.

 See you on the trail.

George. 🙂

Ray Stevens: Would Jesus Wear Rolex ?

No , he wouldn’t.

I’m my own grandpa- Ray Stevens

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Mircea FLorian: Cu pleoapa ta de-argint


Mircea Florian, I remember the Electrecord LP with this magnificent music, total novelty in Romania at the time : not only the tone of the music, but also the use of indian traditional instruments (George Harrison  composed My Sweet Lord, which became inspiration to many). in those times Radio Europa Libera, si Voice of America were the only place one could listen to rock and roll.  

But I may be wrong: important is…the result, unique beautiful music, now as it was then. I’ll leave the technicalities, to the musical gurus. 🙂

Mircea Florian: The Long Time Ago…Remembered


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