Tatal Nostru – Te Deum Laudamus – The Convent Of Pater Noster in Jerusalem

tatal nostru care ne esti in ceruri

This selection of prayers “Our Father” is small part of the more than 160 of this archetypical prayer collection of the Convent Of Pater Noster, situated in the Holly City of Jerusalem, and has been developed by http://www.christusrex.org/www2/baram/B-pater.html,
site that  has inspired me for many years:

Today and each day, as we approach yet another  worldwide celebration of the Nativity I think  all people of this planet, the planet we know,for certain to harbor life, as we know it, should ask ardently for our daily nourishment, the sustenance of our souls, source of physical daily nourishment, so body and soul walk together, and closer to our Maker, in harmony and peace. euzicasa.


One response to “Tatal Nostru – Te Deum Laudamus – The Convent Of Pater Noster in Jerusalem

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    Another Day, another year, another time….Same prayer of the World: “Pater Noster”, goes to all our Christian brother and sisters, especially the ones that are persecuted in the name of their rightful faith, for thousands of years! Among them are Egypt, and Syria, that have a long previous politics of acceptance and protection of Christians, values that have been replaced by persecution and slaughter of Christians! And that has to be stopped, not encouraged in any way!


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