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Françoise Hardy — “La maison ou j’ai grandi”

Sylvie Vartan Tous les garcons et les filles

Sylvie Vartan: La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser (1963, Cherchez l’Idole)

Jean Gabin – Maintenant Je Sais

Toma Caragiu – Un Alpinist Convins

O Brad Frumos: Toma Caragiu


Doina Din Maramures

Computer Users Ergonomics

Take a moment and rest your eyes...

Now follow the link bellow, to check the setting for your computer: a very important feature is the refresh rate of your monitor (the screen you’re looking at: try to set it to a higher frequency (75 Hz), if you have that (many laptops have only 60 Hz). Do many “I Don’t Know Exercises” ( literally lift up your shoulders, untill they hold your head, and hold that place for few seconds, then repeat 5-8 times: you will feel the rush of oxygenated blood rushing to your brain.)