Good Movies to watch once again, by the fireplace with your loves ones

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1. Forest Gump ( Life is like a box of chocolates)
2. The Notebook  (  a) Somebody may end up knowing more about you that you can remember, b) Love is th eternal ship catck it, instead of waiving farewell from the pier.) 
3. Where The Heart Is  (No matter what: do the right thing)
4. Garden State ( a) Not everyone with a helmet plays a dangerous game: they Could just be referees, or even your better half; b) in the end it is ones responsibility to choose ones pass)
5. Wasabi ( People whom you may have never known, could become the closest people you need be with: noses know it best)
6. Cast Away ( a) Always keep your visit with your dentist, b) Sometimes we chose our friends but when there is nobody around something can keep good company: Meet Wilson. c) Do your best to deliver. d) Some dreams may become reality while other will stay just that: Dreams… Look forward to your next one)


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