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Benedict XVI: Value Fraternity in Politics

Christmas: A Time to Rediscover the Faith

Pope: “Jesus Makes Us See the World Through the Eyes of God”

Andrea Bocelli – Alleluia (from oratory Messiah by George Frideric Handel)

George Frederick Handel’s Oratory Messiah, is one of the most majestic act of devotion at Christmas, and “Alleluia” is the part best known to many, celebration the birth of Jesus Of Nazareth, The Christ Our Lord.

Happy Christmas From Seal Beach

Happy Christmas!


Dumitru Fărcaş – Du-te, Dor, În Munţi De Piatră (Go Longing In Rocky Mountain)

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Happy Holidays Friends:

The best water springs from barren rock…Only the One who’s really thirsty sees it: So be thirsty indeed when you’re searching for your spring or you may miss it.
One’s mission though is never the less to search for and find it…And then dig a well and build a fountain for the thirsty.