Streit’s German Bakery

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If you are close   to S-E corner of the of Imperial Highway and Paramount Blvd, in Downey, you can treat yourself to a unique experience, by visiting Streit’s German Bakery: I buy my bread from there, and it is the only place bread tastes the way it used to when I was growing up, back in Bucharest. The house I was born in was close to  the bread factory, and our teachers were finding several times each year reasons to revisit there: The taste of bread freshly baked, that was the reason. Many times the smell of bread from the factory would come downwind, some three quarters  of a mile, and into our classrooms.

But back to Streit’s Bakery: Beside the most delicious pastries, of French, Austrian, and German recipes, they make the most beautiful and delicious wedding cakes, and as you can see from the pictures, also Christmas gingerbread doll houses, all handmade, of fresh, all to the order. It is one of those places where is hard to comprehend how all these thinks are made: but they have great decorators, as you can see. Napoleons, cream puffs, eclaires, double chocolate fudge cakes…So delicious, they can compete with the finest european and continental deserts. Also they make Christmas walnuts rolls, just like my grandma used to make, long time ago.
I hope they will be there for many years to come.

Give it a try friends if it is in your way.

2 responses to “Streit’s German Bakery

  1. Pierdute in ungherele mintii , alungate din imediatul zilei , amintirile stau cuminti , asteptand prilejul sa iasa din nou in lumina calda a inimiii ….
    imagine , sunete , parfumuri … ale toate recreeaza un cocon de confort al
    sufletului …. pastrand STAREA sufletului de atunci !
    Sper sa fi avut zile placute … Craciun cu bucurii …
    Sa-ti fie zilele care vin PRAZNIC DE LUMINA … toate !


    • Imi ajuta sa scriu despre ele, sant ca stealuta foarte departe imensitatea cerurilor, si doar cativa se uita in directia mea: esti una dintre acei foarte rari astronomi. Iti multumesc. si tu sa ai numai zile luminate. Aseara am vazut Filmul “Budha”, pe netflix, si mi-a reamintit ce notiunea de a radia compasiune> Intr-un fel m-am simtit de multa vreme aproape de acea stare de spirit.


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