Daily Archives: December 25, 2010

Seal Beach After Storm

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This movie was hard to make. It’s not because of the sea stars that we returned safely to the ocean. It is because of what, the ocean returned to us as not welcome, the trash that some poor excuses for human beings dump in the river, and the surroundings, as if they own it, as if it does not belong to all of us. This is not a new issue, but rather an ever expanding one. We got so good at intoxication the land and the water, that fish caught in the middle of the oceans, thousand of miles away from any shore line, is poisoned by the mercury we dumped everywhere. Every object dejected by the ocean: the 6 pack plastic wrappers, bags, medicine jars, Styrofoam and plastic cups,  they all tell the story of one individual, who took for granted the fact that nobody’s watching, they are getting away with such uncivilized acts. And then there are the bear, and soft drinks cans and especially the paint spray cans, floating toward the ocean, still containing hazardous organic solvents that end up in the water, and the tagging, and graffiti, and painting over, without consideration for the social unjustifiable cost to us, taxpayers. In one year of weekend biking I saw a police patrol car twice, community services once, and for the rest, the same issues brought forth by other concerned citizens, for decades are still present. Why?
Lack of respect by the law disobeying citizens toward the large majority, the rest of us who cherish, instead of destroying things that were made available for our joy. I saw school children volunteering to pick up somebody else’s cigarette buts, while fifty yards further shady characters look for the right size space between rocks, to dump their bear cans, knowing that nobody dare stop them.

I thought appropriate to whistle St. James Infirmary, as sad funeral parade background to this storm effect.

Thank You Pacific Ocean, for rejecting all that junk, it does belong to us, its rightful owner!