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El Dorado Regional Park Northern Area: The Movie

I had the Park in exclusivity…almost, to myself. It’s a beautiful day, quiet, no cars, just few joggers, and bicycle raiders (including me). Carrying around the backpack with my photo equipment was a good exercise and a great idea. After the storm the underpass at Wardlow Str. was still flooded, adding to my decision to visit the park, in its undisturbed status (usually the scene is crowded, with cars , lots of noise, lots of people, etc.)  In one of the scenes you can hear the unmistakable shriek of the vultures and some noise coming from the lens cap: Sorry.
 In the distance there are cars passing on Wardlow:  You could hear the grass grow so quiet it was, calm, and serene.
Hope you enjoy the movie, at least as much as I enjoy making it and sharing it.

Happy New Year Friends!

A Lifetime In Few Days Of A Mushroom

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