The Great Gatsby

Cover of the first volume in the series

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The Great Gatsby? Ideals survive people: People live one moment at a time, with or without thinking of having ideals. People also die one moment at a time while their ideals linger around a moment or two longer, unless there is a novelist like F.Scott Fitzgerald around: them people’s stories live forever.
Does anybody learn there stories by heart or do we just reenact them, in eternity? Practice safe marriage: marry the one who truly loves you.

2 responses to “The Great Gatsby

  1. I just made a list last night of writers that I want to explore more deeply. He is on there!



    • You will love the atmosphere and the love story. It’s like the domino effect. And the culture, the spoils, the exposure makes palpable, real: There are things in life that only a miracle can fix, if anything at all.


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