Daily Archives: December 31, 2010

Seal Beach: December 31, MMX

The weather was fantastic (cold, but sincere), unlike the wind that was cold.
Still I got on my bike, and rode to Liberty Park,  Cerritos, where I worn my running shoes for about an hour. Then I continue my ride to the beach. Perfect weather, beach got cleaned from the mess after the storm. Took few pictures as the skies were crystal clear, so both the mountains (San Gabriel) and Catalina Island looked great. I finally got a clear shot of Downtown Long Beach and Signal Hill. It was harder to pedal back home ( stronger winds) but it was well worth the sweat: 30 extra miles to my odometer. It’s amazing what a human body can do with a little glucose and a protein shake. Happy New Year, and by the way I wouldn’t be worried about the end of the Earth, it’s just a new beginning: There is plenty of history on that starting with the turn of the first millenium, than that of the second millennium, then 2001, and 2002…Just be happy, each moment and kind and compassionate toward one another. That will do the trick.