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Good Movies to watch once again, by the fireplace with your loves ones

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1. Forest Gump ( Life is like a box of chocolates)
2. The Notebook  (  a) Somebody may end up knowing more about you that you can remember, b) Love is th eternal ship catck it, instead of waiving farewell from the pier.) 
3. Where The Heart Is  (No matter what: do the right thing)
4. Garden State ( a) Not everyone with a helmet plays a dangerous game: they Could just be referees, or even your better half; b) in the end it is ones responsibility to choose ones pass)
5. Wasabi ( People whom you may have never known, could become the closest people you need be with: noses know it best)
6. Cast Away ( a) Always keep your visit with your dentist, b) Sometimes we chose our friends but when there is nobody around something can keep good company: Meet Wilson. c) Do your best to deliver. d) Some dreams may become reality while other will stay just that: Dreams… Look forward to your next one)


Linu-i Lin_ Romanian Christmas Carol: Euterpe & Ison Choir

One of the most beautiful Carols.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Inorganic Mercury Body Burdon: A Definitive Connection

Quod Erat Demonstrandum: NOW WHAT ?

Science→Politics→Policy→Citizen→Public Interest→Special Interest = ?

The Jungle Out There: No accountability, No responsibility, No enforcement:  Just “Good Old Money Making Proposition ? Or Is It Not…

Have A Blessed Weekend:La Sfarsit De Saptamana…

…Cantec, Joc Si Voie Buna, Va Doresc La toti.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Mercury fillings: where YOU stand on the issue? Part 1 Part 1 of 3 – Mercury Amalgam Fillings Dangers (ITV, Feb 16, 2009)

Can Anybody tell me why dentists associations in some countries are in denial regarding mercury amalgam toxicity ? And further more call the mercury amalgam, to confuse you, “Silver Fillings” when there is more than 50% mercury, and much less silver in the MERCURY ALLOY ?”
It is like the officials interviewed do not , and will not ever have dental cavities, and dental fillings ? what’s wrong with such people, how do they come to the point of denial, and professional prostitution, in the name of politics ?

What else than money and power do these ” lalalalalalala” have to earn from becoming slaves to their own lies ?

Part 2 of 3 – Mercury Amalgam Fillings Dangers (ITV, Feb 16, 2009): For a Fistful of Mercury

Dinosaurs still roam the Earth, and they got the answer, the perfect lie…Mercury fillings are safe. Who are these people? the high school drop -outs with license to kill, lie, deceive for a fistful of mercury.

Part 3 of 3 – Mercury Amalgam Fillings Dangers (ITV, Feb 16, 2009):Mercury Fillings

The Power of…The Perfect Lie: mercury placed in your mouth…Is Safe: On your own risk.

O Tanenbaum (O Brad Frumos): Gh.Zamfir

Mos Craciun- Romanian Christmas Carol: Madrigal Choir

In Seara de Mos Ajun: Romanian Christmas Carol

Tous les garcons et les filles – Francoise Hardy

Norway: Should US follow (for a Change ) Norway’s Policy and Ban Mercury ?

It all a matter of time… But do we have it ?

I heard somebody conveniently say:

Don’t do today, what somebody else can do for you, tomorrow

Mercury Toxic ? Who’s Asking Who: Check Out Who’s Playing Tag In Your Mouth

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Few weeks ago I introduced you to studies done articulating the destruction of neurons (nerves) by mercury, only, while other metals employed in the research did not damage nerves.
This is the shortcut to that article:
NOw, and again, we have one of the most reactionary industry lobbyists, stipulating that mercury is good for you, so good that you should carry as much as 1 oz, you your mouth:

To me this looks so much like the insane battle of the  asbestos industry. I can only be happy that the tobacco industry got what they deserve.
this last battle has nothing to do with science, politicized science but only with profit-making without any responsibility, social or personal, to one or to all, and it’s wrong.

What is interesting is that dentists were among the most poisoned by mercury, until some regulations came to life, and developed, but with no air, and water monitoring, to alert in case of mercury presence  (more or less effective), to manage the flow of mercury thru their dental cabinets (so it is not in the air the staff, and patients breath, or in the water going down the sink and into the sewage system, and from there back at us in the…fish we buy to eat. Indeed there were many dentists intoxicated for years, and presenting the symptoms of mercurialism or heretism (“mad hatter disease”):,
From preparing the amalgam (the material containing mercury that goes in your cavities), in the palm of their hands (you know mercury goes right thru your skin, and directly into your blood, and directly to your brain with the speed that alcohol does, there are no stops on the way. Saturnism on the other hand is the disease caused but cronic exposure to lead, while working unsafely.
Beside dental cabinets, hospitals, fluorescent tubes manufacturers, the exhaust coming off the stacks of power plants, incinerators (including human with mercury fillings), the list of mercury damage to humans is thousand of sources in size.
The problem with mercury contamination, is that it is masked by the lack of any signals of presence (No odor, no color, no acute effect at lower doses of poisoning, but deadly cumulative in humans, human embryos, and animals, to the ecological system, to the planet Earth, our home, the only home will ever have, if we don’t bring it down, of course.
With all the scientific evidence to the contrary, what kind of political power can an endorser of the mercury industry have to show at a FDA hearing: of course, ON TAX PAYERS MONEYS ? to conclude:  That it is safe…for now…?

Françoise Hardy — “La maison ou j’ai grandi”

Sylvie Vartan Tous les garcons et les filles

Sylvie Vartan: La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser (1963, Cherchez l’Idole)

Jean Gabin – Maintenant Je Sais

Toma Caragiu – Un Alpinist Convins

O Brad Frumos: Toma Caragiu

Doina Din Maramures

Computer Users Ergonomics

Take a moment and rest your eyes...

Now follow the link bellow, to check the setting for your computer: a very important feature is the refresh rate of your monitor (the screen you’re looking at: try to set it to a higher frequency (75 Hz), if you have that (many laptops have only 60 Hz). Do many “I Don’t Know Exercises” ( literally lift up your shoulders, untill they hold your head, and hold that place for few seconds, then repeat 5-8 times: you will feel the rush of oxygenated blood rushing to your brain.)

Arthur Rubinstein: La Campanella

Arthur Rubinstein plays Liszt

Ashkenazy plays Beethoven Piano Sonata No.24, Op.78 (A Thérèse)

Jacqueline du Pre – The Trout by Schubert

Dvořák – Humoresque – Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman

Horowitz plays SchumannTraumerei in Moscow

Toscanini Conducts Smetana’s “Ma Vlast: No. 2. Vltava (Moldau)”

El Condor Pasa – CantoAndino

El Cóndor Pasa. Melodía y Letra Original.Catálogo de las Obras de Daniel Alomía Robles.7

Arlo Guthrie/This Land is Your Land/Boston Pops

The City Of New Orleans: Willie Nelson & Sheril Crow

Le Café Des 3 Colombes: Joe Dassin

Salut Les Amoureux: Joe Dassin

J’ai vu maman embrasser le père noël

Jacques Brel:Amsterdam

Georges Brassens: Margot

O Ce Veste Minunata: A Romanian Christmas Carol: Madrigal Choir

Life Is A Cabaret: Louis Armstrong

The Light House That We Are…

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We all hold a beacon deep inside of our core: it radiates with invisible light, with energy, like a light house on a rocky sea-shore. I t does that all the time: when we don’t feel whole, when sadd with undue hardship and burdens, the light is not  so bright, and joyful, and that shows in our eyes first, and in our faces, and in the way we walk, and then in the way we talk. It make us look older than we are, it make us breath more superficially: Each living cell in our bodies knows, that something is wrong in the kingdom, the there is a war going on, so they take cover, they stock reserves to survive the assault (who knows how long it will take, who knows if we will win).

So the best we can do, is to show the world outside, the kingdom (or republic) is ready, is joyous, and has the power of overcoming on its side).
So smile when you cry inside, and smile when you don’t know why, and show the world the one that God intended for us to be.

George. 🙂

Mos Craciun: Romanian Christmas Carol –Madrigal Choir

Acest dar de Craciun il daruiesc romanilor pribegi prin lume, si mai ales acelora care au asteptat ani de zile sa fie lasati sa place iar atunci cand au fost in fine aprobati, au fost siliti sa plece in lume, cu maximum $ 50.oo si un geamantan cu zdrente, si ca singura bijuterie inelul de casatorie, daca erau casatoriti, dupa ce au semnat hartii, care faceau guvernul comunist proprietar pe tot ceea ce a fost consficat deja de la frati, de la surori, de  la tata si mama, de la bunici si strabunici si care acum asteapta de douazeci de ani gratia celor la putere, prin curtile lor, si pe banii pribegilor de a se bucura de dreptul lor constitutional: retrocedarea proprietatile consfiscate in mod abuziv.

Trei Pastori: Romanian Christmas Carol

Wasabi: Is What Jean Renno, Eric Serra, Luc Besson, Have In Commun

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A very entertaining movie for all ages, great cast, director and hottest wasabi around.
Ryoko Hirosue, had her character by the tail. Read more about the Japanese actress here:

Laisse tomber !

Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889): Somnoroase Pasarele


This the resting place of the greatest Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu (1850_-1889): Follow the link if you wish to leave a flower at his headstone.

During his life he has mastered the art of romanticism and wrote poetry of historic value to Romanians: ballads, sonnets, and evocative poems. His work became lyrics to some of the most beautiful compositions, such as “Drowsy Birds” music for choir. The “Madrigal Choir” makes the best of both the beautiful lyrics and the music:

Noapte Buna, Prieteni.

Bradshaw story on Shaming Children

John Bradshaw – Healing the Shame that Binds You

John Bradshaw: On Family

John Bradshaw: On Homecoming

John Bradshaw, single-handedly can change scrub the face of the modern western society, regarding relations between people: one generation has to break away from the ancient culture of parenting, the way we were, help children to grow into adults able to have a relationship with their children based upon unconditional love. The worst home is that where two adult children, have not reached maturity thus understanding, really understanding what it takes to change the focus of attention from themselves and direct it toward the child. Children need be tought how to live, and not how not to, by parental example. Parents who are not able to welcome their children to this world, have not reach adulthood, even if they are in their twenties. A ship without an experienced captain will sink, so does a family, in which two captains cannot do each their duties, in harmony.

I hope that you find as much interest as I did in John Bradshaw work for humanity, At his official website:

Today’s Birds: Vultures And Seagull