Dumitru Fărcaş – Bărbătesc din Maramureş

Camellia Flower

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Please forgive me as I find myself sometimes reposting and reposting music, like this elders dance from  (one of the many distinctive folkloric identities within the family of Romanians: I just cannot help, nor celebrating the treasures of our larger than life soul thru the soft instrument: the tarragot, and masterfully interpreted by Dumitru Farcas. I really think that the value of this music are too larger than the Mioritic Space, we Romanians like to refer to as our land, water, air and life within our ever changing physical, and man-marked borders. So, out there in the immensity of the Earth, our larger than soul home, we too should remember a little of our treasure chest of traditions and keep them alive: They are too beautiful not to sing from all mountaintops.

Eu Zic Asa: “Sa ne tina Dumnezeu Dragutu pe toti si intotdeauna aproape de Harul Lui, ca un parinte iubitor.”

Tatal Nostru Care Ne Esti In Ceruri, Sfinteasca-se Numele Tau!

Tatal Nostru Prayer


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