WordPress Has The Key:Have You Blogged With The Rest? Well… Come Blog With The Best: I’m Staying!

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A Warm Salutation to the World:
Wordpress.com: you’re a great Company and wonderful host for websites like mine, Thank You! 
I like the WordPress Stats and  what  they tell about my website, therefore: 
What started as my first try to a website experience, in November 10, 2010, turns up to be a wonderful experience, from which I am learning a lot: My only regret being only that I did not start much, earlier. But it’s never to late to share with the World the things that help you enjoy the good times and weather the stormy days of your life.
I already made a short story long, so back to the Stats:

Cluster Maps is a great service and widget text tool, as it show you the spread of your broadcast and further more, by geographic area:

Whre my visitors are from.

my visits

The next stats need not too many words: they tell the number of visits daily, weekly, monthly, and I hope yearly (that up to the Almighty, but I pray and remain an optimist) and I like the numbers, the search engines referrals, and all other linking that helped the world to find out about my site.
But, mostly I am very thankful to my subscribers, friends who took time to comment taking time from their busy lives, even during the Winter Season Holidays Hype: To those true friends, I am sending this message of love, and appreciation, as they left their print o my attempt at artistic expression. I include the friends from Facebook, Twitter, Jango and YouTube, so far, and some other good friends:

To all of you I say:

Thank You for the renewed sustenance , and friendship you offered and continue to give me.

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