La Pietà:Michelangelo

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Piety, Reverence, is what the mortals owe to their earthy parents, and to their divine one. When I looked upon the statue, from a 10 feet away, I couldn’t feel the life in it, and the death. When I approached to just few steps, I felt just life, both earthy, as well as afterlife: It looks alive, no matter from what angle of distance you look at it, it invites you to kneel and pray “Salve Regina”, for what you are there to pray for and you know that you find yourself in the presence of the Great beyond…the Divine, The Saint Peter’s cathedral, in “Piazza San Pietro, opening from “Via De La Conciliazione”. A place of  unique significance in the World. 

In those times, there was no barrier between La Pietà and the visitor in the Church.

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