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Frida Kahlo, Listen to her paintings telling the story of her lifelong suffering

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A flawless autobiography of pain was portrayed by Frida Kahlo, in a pallet never used before, with the mind and feelings of a woman, pained throughout her life, pained beyond any  language  ability to describe, so fervently as her paintings did. The vision of her own body immobilized in a rigid cast and in continuous pain, is surreal but still shared by Frida, the “how does it feel” is described in vivid detail, in a way that seem to communicate: “This is my pain, I hope you never come close to have to suffer so much, I hope you take my painted world for it. Never the less: I’m still here to give the world a thought.” 

Achim Nica – Saraca copilarie

While one can find a ton of childishness in an adult, there is not a grain of maturity in a child. (Ca desi poti gasi o tona de copilarii intr-un adult, nu gasesti un dram de maturitate intr-un copil.)

Lăsai pușca ruginită /Just left alone my old rusty rifle

Frumoasa vecina noastra – Tiberiu Ceia

Henry and June: Je m’ennuie

Vasile Conea – N-o fost tata langa mine