Give me Love: George Harrison

It’s such a pity, that so many people, especially in Europe, are still smoking themselves to death, leaving behind devastating memories of agonizing deaths. I wish they (Europa) had a proactive social engine, such as the one here in California, where the culture of smoking has been replaced almost entirely by the opposite. This has resulted in a tremendous reduction in COPD, from chronic bronchitis and emphysema to lung cancer. Who knows: May be George Harrison would still be writing songs of great philosophical, religious, and social importance today. I can only hope that his son, will be just as inspired, if not more than his father. So far his contribution in the concert dedicated to George was a moving homage of love and dedication. He is a good singer and guitar player, keeping up with the best artist in the world of music: we wish him luck.

4 responses to “Give me Love: George Harrison

  1. thanks for sharing!


    • Some things have’t changed from the beginning of civilization, and hopefully will not, regardless of all the attemps made, eversince… A pitty George Harrison did not leave a bit longer.


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