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RUDOLPH SERKIN MOZART “Elvira Madigan”, Andante ORMANDY/Vienna Philarmonic


John Bradshaw: Who’s One’s Best Friend?

This segment of the lecture John Bradshaw gave on PBS, resonates within, as the affirmation of our fundamental right to exist, be whole, be our best friend, since as a matter of fact: How could one be anything else but oneself’s best friend?  And yet so many of us were raised into believing that love is outside ourselves, that we need others to make us whole: Does that make any sense?

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John Bradshaw: On Family

Unconditional love: How many of us received it and more importantly…How many of us would know how to live by it ? 
Well friends, in his lectures “On Family”, John Bradshaw is showing us how to understand ourselves, in order to be able to serve others right. If love is th engine of the world, that it has to be unconditional.
For a closer look on the extraordinary work of John Bradshaw, for the betterment of our people, please follow the link to his “Center For Creative Growth”, http://creativegrowth.com/, twitter http://twitter.com/#!/JohnBradshawSr, or facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=ru#!/profile.php?id=644543849
I can affirm that I for one see life differently, ever since I had the good fortune of watching his lectures on PBS.

John Bradshaw: Always An Inspiration-Grassroot Empowerment

John Bradshaw: “Greatness is about ordinary people with extraordinary commitment.”