Louis Armstrong: On the Sunny Side Of the Street

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Who else could communicate so much, with a unique voice, and a trumpet.
Jazz has a liberating effect from the shadows of the other side of the street, the side of the sorrows prosecution and cold of the disconnect from the reality of world. How much money buys happiness: And what is happiness to star with?
How much more happiness can you buy today, how much will you pay tomorrow? and where is this magical place, outside of one’s soul, where happiness was ever for sale. Do you see what I mean? This reminds me of some passages from Henry Miller novels, which you can read @ http://www.henry-miller.com/narrative-literature/henry-miller-quotes.html.

It takes guts to independently think on your own and express in any way what you’re thinking about the Sunny Side Of The Street, that unique One Way Street known to us all as “Life”.
If happiness costed money, let me tell you: There would be very few, if any on that Sunny Side Of The Street…:

So put on a happy face…

🙂 🙂 🙂

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