Leroy Anderson’ Music: A Tribute

We all heard his music, here and around the world, ever since we were toddlers. He was one of the greatest master of musical arts, and today I wanted to pay a small token of appreciation to the word of his music. Who doesn’t remember this:

Well, folks, few years back I commented on the official Leroy Anderson, Website http://leroyanderson.com/guestbook2009.php  I just had to add my flower of thought to the many a thoughts already there (take this as an invitation to do so yourselves, two years later.):

“Even though I was born and lived through adulthood, in Romania, Leroy Anderson’s unique compositions are my musical memory, among many other beautiful pieces of music from everywhere around the world, and  folklore to classical. I remember having my affinity for music awaken, and developed by some of Mr. Anderson’s best known compositions, growing up during that iron cold era in our lives, when all that beautiful music kept us warm, almost like a true log fire in a fireplace. Some of maestro’s compositions, It was too early a time for me to tell age, but they feel as if I have always know them: “Jazz Pizzicato”, for example has been always my ten best ever, as it continues to fill my nostalgic need, with familiarity, that carries that which we hope to protect, intact, throughout our life, between present, and the far away, long time past, that we all, humans hold in common.

All other masterpieces the Maestro composed are there too, in my discotheque, both in my memory, and now, lately in his CDs: “Jazz Legato, the Penny Whistle Song, Sandpaper Ballet, Sleigh Ride, The Typewriter, The Waltzing Cat, Horse and Buggy, Goldilocks,” the list doesn’t stop here. And Then, there is yet another astonishing composition, that wraps it all in a bagful of wonderful musical wonders, so American, and yet so universal: it is the “Forgotten Dreams”, which always bring me thinking back to the temporal frailty of the human condition, but reverently, kindly, and still hopeful, into transcending.

Long live human spirit, through the appreciation of all our miracle workers: Long live Maestro’s Leroy Anderson spirit, through his Wonderful Music.
August 4, 2009″

And since the winter season is around the corner, and I am working on my Santa look, let’s enjoy an carol, composed by Maestro Anderson, and that circles the world for many years now, and many more to come:

I could not think about a better way to observe his music but in a very personal way: I chose the Jazz Pizzicato, his first composition, for the video I made yesterday:

I will send this to the world, with Leroy Anderson’s…

Yes Friends, “Forgotten Dreams”:

But, to end this story, please do as I did, and fill Leroy Anderson’s Guestbook at http://leroyanderson.com/, fill it to overflow: It is all we can do for those who modelled us, our futures, by their own example: Remember them, keep them in our thoughts, always.

“Now Go Do The Right Thing” (that’s what Dr. Laura, would say)

George 🙂

2 responses to “Leroy Anderson’ Music: A Tribute

  1. thanks for reminding me of his typing machine 🙂 i had forgotten about it – and now i have a huge smile on my face because of it 🙂
    quite a talent indeed…


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I did not know about the composer behind all these great songs. When I found out, I visited his offcial website and was so impressed by all these people from aroung the world paying respects. I had to add a few words too. I’m glad that youliked this page, and hope you’ll visit again soon.

      George. 🙂


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