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2011年3月11日 東北地方太平洋沖地震 発生時 (March 11, 2011 Northern Pacific Regional Earthquake Occured)

An extraordinary account of the terror of the earthquake: Even if I do not understand more than two or three words in Japanese, I have been deeply moved by courage of the eyewitness, filming this for the rest of us. My prayers go to him, his family and the people of Japan.

I didn’t want to be able to understand Japanese, more than I do in these moments: So feel free should you read this to pitch in with a translation, please. Thank You.

Requiem de Mozart – Lacrimosa – Karl Böhm – Filarmónica de Viena

Lacrymosa dies illa,
qua resurget ex favilla
judicandus homo reus.

Huic ergo parce Deus,
pie Jesu Domine,
dona eis requiem! Amen!

The Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was composed in Vienna in 1791 and left unfinished at the composer’s death. A completion by Franz Xaver Süssmayr was delivered to Count Franz von Walsegg, who had anonymously commissioned the piece for a requiem Mass to commemorate the February 14 anniversary of his wife’s death. Read more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Requiem_(Mozart)

To The Heroic People Of Japan, hard tried by unchained forces of nature: A prayer

Beethoven Sym. 3 “Eroica” II. Marcia funebre part 1
Wiener KammerOrchester,
Mark Laycock Dirigent