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Cold Mountain is a 2003 war drama film written and directed by Anthony Minghella. The film is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Charles Frazier. It stars Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Renée Zellweger in lead roles as well as Natalie Portman, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Melora Walters, Jena Malone, and Giovanni Ribisi. Read more at:
The following monologue, I remember resonated with me, from the first time a listened to it, and with the passage of time it only beceme louder, rather than attenuated. I feel that there is something in this phrase that apply today, to the state of the world, more than ever before: Is it only me, I wonder?

Ruby to Ada: Am I hard to hear? Cuz you keep repeating everything.

Ruby: Am i hard to hear cuz you keep repeating everything i say!

So you never wrapped your legs around this Inman?

Tell you what I got on my side.
Inman: What you got on your side?
The confidence of youth…

the bird has a job,the seed has a job,the shit has a job. everything has a job.

There isn’t any men around here that ain’t old,or full of mischief.

They call this war a cloud over the land. But they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say shit its raining.

They stand outside in the weather, but they made the rain and then they say Shit, it’s raining!?

Time for a yankee good mornin’

Yeah this house sure is crooked

You are always…always…always…in my mind.

You ever think God gets tired of being called to both sides of a War?

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6 responses to “Cold Mountain:Quotes

  1. Loved this movie, thanks for posting the quotes, had forgotten about them, except for the bird, the seed and the shit. For some reason that would pop into my head periodically. 🙂


    • That movie was filmed in the parts of Romania from where my folks are: beautiful places, with good people. I’m happy you found that worthy. I watch the movie from time to time, with respect and profound sadness regarding the state of human civilization.


      • I remember hearing it was filmed in part of Romania. I also remember there being a bit of an uproar about it being filmed there. 🙂 People can be so funny at times.

        I love the movie! I don’t know how many times I have watched it! I would watch it again but my brother borrowed my dvd player and hasn’t brought it back yet. 😦


      • Get your player back, play it on the computer, and check out the interviews at location, and the Bran Castle.


      • Well, I have to get my player back. Right now all I have to use is my little netbook, no player included and my normal laptop quit working a few weeks ago, so I can’t use the player in that one. 😦 I am gonna have to remind my brother, I will watch the extras too! 🙂 Which I haven’t done yet.


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