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Live your dream Everyday

I tend to live each other day, or may be even on weekends: But why not look for what you like each day? So today I watched this video: I was happy to realise that i needed much less that the young man featured in it to feel that I’ve lived up to my wish for the day. Then I got my breaks fixed: just in time, for the new heavy rain we’re expecting later today. Boy that was satisfying…almonst like climbing an horizontal cliff. What can I say: Such is life, especially Mondays.

Today’s Birthday: Joseph Fourier

Today’s Birthday

Joseph Fourier (1768)

Fourier was a French mathematician and Egyptologist. As an engineer on the Egyptian expedition led by Napoleon—who later made him a baron—he conducted anthropological investigations and wrote the preface to the monumental Description de l’Égypte, whose publication he oversaw. In mathematics, he is primarily known for his work in heat conduction, for his use of the Fourier series to solve differential equations, and for the related concept of the Fourier transform, which is what? More… Discuss