John Bradshaw – Homecoming – pt10

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Homecoming…Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child focuses on Championing and protecting your inner child.
Why is it the the first question we humans ask is “WHY?”
Well because it is the door to our rational mind. Why is the answer to everything we do, or choose not to do, or we’re forced, or convinced into doing. Is there anyone ever not interested in the WHY of things? is there anyone who did not ask that question, I mean Ever? I think not: Knowing why is not only being curios, many times the question is not asked for obtaining an answer: Ask any teacher, they’ll tell you. The WHY is our gateway to individuality, it models characters, behaviors. The absence to the question (Why?) is the most inhuman act one can inflict upon another. Everybody on Earth has a birthright to an answer to the question: Why? In order to be able to make and conscientious choice.
Because it is human: Always answer to the question.
Never stop asking it, and expect an answer: The world will become a better place to live.

 People: Learn to listen to your “wonder child”, in order to make the changes that will help you affirm your true self.

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