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(by George)

I don’t recognize the face of the man

reflected  by the crystal mirror, so I ask:

“Who’s your reflection?”

Without an answer I wake up and get ready.

“Nice meeting you” , I hear the voice
of the man in the mirror say, in my way out.

Today’s Birthday: Francisco Goya (1746)

Today’s Birthday


Francisco Goya (1746)

Goya was a Spanish painter and printmaker whose work profoundly influenced 19th-century European art. He started out designing tapestries for the royal manufactory of Santa Bárbara and was appointed painter to Charles III in 1786. By 1799—under the patronage of Charles IV—he had become Spain’s most successful and fashionable artist. Goya’s works address all aspects of Spanish life, including the political and social turmoil of his day. Why did his art come under the scrutiny of the Inquisition? More… Discuss 

11:59:59 PM

11:59:59 PM
(by George)
Though infinitesimally smaller
 than the faintest  idea
of energy,

To The Universe:

We claim ownership,
We The People of the Planet Earth.