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Journey to Planet Earth: Lester Brown On PBS

A must see program: Plan B, what in the world is that? Find out by watching the following program:

It’s time to get defosillezed, and re-energized renewably.
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(by George)
I was fearful of writing


Only the fear of talking

Singing, sailing, flying,

and swimming were ever greater…

Oh yeah…  Swimming:  Was I afraid of

or the shark in my bathtub instead?

I was afraid of every-but-one thing:

Waters were safe in my life before life…

Today’s Birthday: Joseph Haydn (1732)

Joseph Haydn (1732)

The principal shaper of the Classical style, Haydn was an Austrian composer who exerted major influence on his contemporaries, including Mozart, and future composers. The first great symphonist, he composed 106 symphonies and virtually invented the string quartet. By his later years, he was recognized internationally as the greatest living composer. He composed important works in almost every genre. As a teacher, Haydn had a difficult relationship with what famous student? More… Discuss

Art Beat: Anthony Tommasini: The Vienna’s Four Classics Of Music

One Father Figure of Music: Hayden

A marvelous program of rediscovery of the beauty of classical music and its effects on our creative day by day life. Always keep music near your heart, and ear, so days are filled with sounds of music: There is life in the harmony created by the wordless language of the musical scores, as eloquent as best ever written poems of joy.