I’m A Quitter: What About You?

WARNING: Reading the following may be contagious and may give you ideas that could help you QUIT SMOKING: Do not read, unless you can put your mind to it! Each failure to quit will only decrease the efficacy of the power over the outcome.

April Fools Day 1990, marks the day of my spiritual rebirth (one of them at least): That day, a Saturday, around 11 AM, I decided to stop smoking and have been a nonsmoker, ever since. The first few days were not easy, but believe it or not…Somehow I survived to tell the story. See, like other before me, I quit smoking few times before that day, but was not in the mood to really do it for good: seemed that I always “had chosen the wrong week to quit smoking” (Loyd Bridges-Airplane). This time It was different due to novel way of thinking I found myself exercising: To the part of me that was craving for a smoke, I told I was not a smoker. to the part of me saying I was a smoker just one hour earlier, I told that was one hour earlier, in the past, but now, I was not a smoker (you see, you have to be a smker to smoke, and you become a smoker only after your first cigarette). Funny enough: All the stories about not being able to enjoy coffee without a cigarette, and so on , all the self defeating thoughts, in other words, were just that thoughts…That’s the mechanism to talk yourself into doing things, of talking yourself out of doing them. Now that approach was new to me, and I do not hear about it in any of the programs, people, scare tactics about health effects, etc. NO, because nobody can tell you what to do… not even your parents (we all know that, unless, and untill we’re ready to accept the idea that not only we can, but that it is a must for a better quality of life.

What did I get out of that? Here are few positives:

  • my lungs got cleaned, as observed by the X-Rays I took through the years,
  • I decreased my higher risk of acquiring bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer to the general population
  • I enjoyed everything much, much more, as smoking was a permanent concern even while eating, or working, or entertainment.
  • I saved a lot of money, that help me do more healthy activities
  • better quality of life all around, including looking and feeling younger in few short days

The thought process applied in that enterprise, became prevalent and helped me carry out other goals, being so potently affirmative: It is amazing how much more and better an accomplishment we can have when finding the right thought process and putting it to work for you and not against:
Your mind may ask you give in, but unless you allow it the activity is just that: A thought not acted upon!
 Tip in how to quit smoking:

  • 1 (Just One)  Just stop, nobody else can do it for you, and there are no easier ways that this ONE.


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