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The Life Of The Budha

Human suffering is a given. So is the concept that kindness, compassion exist and can become a way of living one’s life.

Everything is connected: Find the Dots!

With a still mind he learned how to read his opponent’s intention: Moriji Mochida-10 Dan Kempo

Moriji Mochida, the ultimate master (10 Dan) in Kempo and active to the last breath.  After the age of 50 he learned how to still his mind to predict the action of his opponent, in spite of the effects of aging resulting in the progressive physical weakening of the body. In that he succeeded. While freeing your mind of noise can make one more understanding of the intentions of others (the mirror inside your mind reflects the mind of the opponent).
Keep in good physical shape so as you grow older your mind can still be young and resourceful so you can carry out as much as possible with less body power. Don’t allow your mind to grow old.