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Visit the Smithsonian: Now!

I have been wanting to visit the Smithsonian for many years now. I never got around though, so I decided to, at least take the virtual tour. It is fascinating what imagination can accomplish.

Are you coming?

Virtual Tour Of The Saint Peter’s Tomb: Follow Me!

Today In History: Construction of St. Peter’s Basilica Begins (1506)

Construction of St. Peter’s Basilica Begins (1506)

With a capacity of over 60,000 people, St. Peter’s Basilica is the one of the world’s largest churches as well as one of the world’s holiest Catholic sites. Begun by Pope Julius II in 1506 and completed more than a century later, it was built to replace Old St. Peter’s, erected by Constantine over Peter’s traditional burial site. Michelangelo and Bernini were among its many architects, and a number of their masterpieces adorn its interior. Why is St. Peter’s not considered a cathedral? More… Discuss

Life In The Nuclear Era: Where Are The People?