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Ave Maria Caccini: Catedrala Sf. Iosif Bucharest

Super bugs: Should we be worried?

Today’s Birthday:David Ricardo (1772)

David Ricardo (1772)

Ricardo was a British economist who made a fortune in the stock market before turning to the study of political economy, publishing his major work, The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, in 1817. According to his labor theory of value, the value of almost any good is a function of the labor needed to produce it; thus, a $10 watch requires ten times more labor than a $1 pencil. According to his “iron law of wages,” what keeps wages stabilized around the subsistence level? More… Discuss

Life In the Ruins: Home Call_Great MSN Story-gotta love this

So the safest place to live is still…Home: A perfectly timed story, od dare-devil, risk-it-all-now, by the best story telling factory. I guess it has to do with playing down the nuclear collapse of the world under the most foolish of the post industrial era. See the pattern: It is all…Post- ( After something was gone, dead.) We do live in the post-news era too…Disgusting. 
I cannot start to elaborate on how wrong the message of this story is.