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Happy Anniversery To Me: One year of Yerba Mate Tea Drinking Experience


It is one year  since I was introduced to yerba mate, by a person which I will always remember. My first cup was a Taraguii, tea bag, just like the one in the picture above. I am enjoying yerba more and more, as I continue to discover more and more of its therapeutic effects, some of which make my doctor ask me what my secret was. So I told him it was ‘yerba mate”. Just like almost everybody I talked to, he asked me: “Yerba what?”. 
He did not hear about yerba, but was eager to find out more. Some of the things the good doctor was impressed were: Much lower cholesterol,  lower glucose blood level, and weight loss.

So how does yerba carry out this?Well,  both by increasing the production of bile to help the  digestive process and better elimination of toxins through sudorific (perspiration) glands and diuresis (improved  kidneys function.)
The weight loss is due to daily physical activity and the regulation of the food intake, through drinking yerba mate tea.
One last great health benefit I noticed is a more restful nocturnal sleep: I know that because I dream, and remember the dreams upon waking, which I was not very good at before. 
Therefore I will continue to have few cups daily, and talk about it, and introduce it to whoever has a listening ear and  guess what: I’m doing it right now.

Feel free to comment about your personal experiences with yerba, or if you want to find out more about it (Such a good thing is better served by more people and I have been educated into spreading a good thing when I discover one).
I also enjoy seeing people happy they have started their yerba experience, and no amount of money can buy that:

So share and share alike!

Twitter: Virtual Connection To Real Time Broadcasting (69 Characters)

One year after this interview, the usefulness of this social media is validated, by the variety of news agencies, and information. It has been successful in communicating with the rest of the world, from areas where communication was disconnected. I think the most important aspect is that retweeting is an objective tool in identifying of note worthy news, and the trend of public opinion. This is, evidently more realistic than any other means of feedback, personal, or collective.

Like with everything else: Its use is only as worthy as the message and so far I think Twitter got that!

3,200 Gulf Oil Wells abandoned and unprotected: Who Owns The Earth?

The question I asked about the ownership of the Earth is not a platonic one: And it is followed by another question: Is this acceptable?

Skin Cancer Can Be Deadly: Look For Skin Abnormalties

Today’s Birthday:

Philippe Pinel (1745)

After moving to Paris in 1778, Pinel, a French physician, was appointed director of the Bicêtre and Salpêtrière hospitals. His experiences there prompted him to advocate for the humane treatment of mentally ill persons—then called the insane—and for the empirical study of mental disease. He further contributed to the development of psychiatry by establishing the practice of thoroughly documenting psychiatric case histories for research. What initially inspired Pinel’s interest in mental illness? More… Discuss

Quotation Of The Day: Jerome Kapla Kerome

Quotation of the day 

If you are foolish enough to be contented, don’t show it, but grumble with the rest.

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) Discuss