Happy Anniversery To Me: One year of Yerba Mate Tea Drinking Experience


It is one year  since I was introduced to yerba mate, by a person which I will always remember. My first cup was a Taraguii, tea bag, just like the one in the picture above. I am enjoying yerba more and more, as I continue to discover more and more of its therapeutic effects, some of which make my doctor ask me what my secret was. So I told him it was ‘yerba mate”. Just like almost everybody I talked to, he asked me: “Yerba what?”. 
He did not hear about yerba, but was eager to find out more. Some of the things the good doctor was impressed were: Much lower cholesterol,  lower glucose blood level, and weight loss.

So how does yerba carry out this?Well,  both by increasing the production of bile to help the  digestive process and better elimination of toxins through sudorific (perspiration) glands and diuresis (improved  kidneys function.)
The weight loss is due to daily physical activity and the regulation of the food intake, through drinking yerba mate tea.
One last great health benefit I noticed is a more restful nocturnal sleep: I know that because I dream, and remember the dreams upon waking, which I was not very good at before. 
Therefore I will continue to have few cups daily, and talk about it, and introduce it to whoever has a listening ear and  guess what: I’m doing it right now.

Feel free to comment about your personal experiences with yerba, or if you want to find out more about it (Such a good thing is better served by more people and I have been educated into spreading a good thing when I discover one).
I also enjoy seeing people happy they have started their yerba experience, and no amount of money can buy that:

So share and share alike!

4 responses to “Happy Anniversery To Me: One year of Yerba Mate Tea Drinking Experience

  1. I am totally aditcted, having acquired a taste for it as a child living in Buenos Aires. Having a hard time finding either of the two brands you pictured above. Anyone know where in the Long Beach/Lakewood area where can buy it?
    BTW I still have my gourd and bombilla.


    • Hi Helena, I’ve got just what you asked for: a Carniceria on imperial Hway, at Rose Street, I will send you a E-mail. They have many brands, and fresh: You’ll love it. They have gourds, and bombillas too. In an earlier post on green tea and yerba, I wrote about preparing of loose yerba in the coffeemaker. Thanks for the comment and inquiry. TGIF. -G.


  2. I’ve tried yerba, but I haven’t worked it into my daily routine- I think it’s time! I’m gonna go pick some up today. I’d like to join you on the yerba mate journey. I’ll let you know which kind I get and what I think!
    hugs to you, George!


    • You’ll love it, I promise! Remember to let the water cool down to 160-180, before infusion (Just let the water seat 1 minute after it boiled) in my microwave oven i warm up the water for 2:15 min. Thanks Dara.


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