Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster: 25 Years Later

So far the powers to be have a interesting approach to environmental Health and Safety: Whenever the situation called for (which means at times of disaster) they went ahead and increased the original maximum Body Burden, by increasing the maximum dose of contaminant (radiation allowed, by a law they decide in the first place). So happened last in Japan, so was the case each time. These increases of course can account for only one source of exposure at one time, disregarding the cumulative effect, long term, or the multiple sources to which one may be exposed, especially during large scale, contamination of air, water and food, compounded by medical emergencies (such as the need for X-Rays).
The saddest thing is that these laws are not backed up by any data.  

2 responses to “Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster: 25 Years Later

  1. I didn’t know that.


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