The Birth of WordPress: All the Hows and the Whys are here!

Interview with Matt Mullenweg: The birth and development of WordPress

Amazing: You gotta love this!
An Open Source Platform is The Open Mind; And an open mind is how humanity developed so far: wouldn’t you agree?
Imagine a car that one cannot drive, unless one know how to build it… Now: How many cars do you see on the road? I bet the number is close to none. The same concept applied to software, works in the same way: Some companies make it impossible to figure out their applications and each year come with updates that are senseless, and I believe the reasons have nothing to do with easiness of use, but rather the contrary: their way to keep the source to themselves, is by keeping the the user busy with figuring out how to do things.  That way of thinking has so little to do empowerment of the user to become creative, as it takes precious time and resources to get over the learning phase, really the “driving” (remember the analogy with the car?).
So friends: Can you see how important the way we live, and think is, and this time I’m asking you: Can you see the way we can make a difference in the world, by making things easier, lighter, more accessible, more open source, less proprietary? Sharing is openness. So the first thing that comes into mind is this: Lets start ask for a user friendly technology!
Thanks Matt,

 I enjoyed your interview on Bloomberg immensely and learned a lot from it!


2 responses to “The Birth of WordPress: All the Hows and the Whys are here!

  1. Sharing is openness…
    also acceptance of street musicians, thanks for your elaborated comment at


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