Visitors Come and Go – Their Visits Are Cherrished; Stats Tell The Story

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The Site (blog) stats are very helpful in reviewing the outcome of your publishing and the most objective tool on what your visitors are interested to see and read, and the level of interest. Furthermore, with the help of “Flag Counter” (which I discovered in January) and the “Country Maps” you can get appreciate the extend of your reach through the visits received from different ccontinents on the World Map, which adds to add to the usefulness of the WordPress Hit Counter. For example, at this time Euzicasa received visits from 88 countries (Eighty Eight Countries folks, I’m not kidding you) and around the world. That in itself tell the story of freedom of information, economical and cultural development and affordability and accessibility to the internet experience. I do not know (nor am I interested in the identity of the visitors) and Askinet did protect my site from all spam.

therefore, I am considering upgrading, this being my first experimentation with web publishing and blogging. There are many more things I have to learn, but for the time being I can get a message across, an opinion, a story or a poem and make reference to news, cultural events ans much more. I like the theme I chose (Caroline), and still need to add one thing: A “Blog Roll“, as I have several subscribers, all people with same interests, from different places: They are a good bunch, supportive, creative and thoughtful: We never shook hands, but we appreciate this new form of expression, so close in the virtual reality, still reality on the digital map of the World.

One more thing: I still put myself to the task of handwriting, that I grew up with, and gives me a different sense of belonging to my written thought.
I ‘m still in owe for the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, and ink from a good  fountain pen.

To my readers:  Thank you for your interest in this website, for your generous thoughts and comments that I am attached to and moved by: Feedback is in last analysis the most reliable, humanized of stats – What people think, feel and express freely:They have become good companions in the task of navigating the immense virtual space.

Over and Out!   

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