Unassisted smoking Cessetion more successful than smokers are made to believe

quitting is a personal choice

There is hope for smokers: Smoking is just a choice, and does not have to become a death edict. After reading this article (that you too can read, if you click on the excerpt picture above), you will see that you are not the only one who will, or have successfully quit smoking on their own: cold turkey is best and you know better than anybody what kind of motivation will work for you. But once you made up your mind, and acted upon it, you have the power to switch off the habit. You need to be very honest with yourself, as for long time now you have lived in a fantasy world, that is not more glamorous than jumping from an airplane, and realizing your parachute will not open. Where is the glamor in that? I don’t see it. The best time to quit is: RIGHT NOW! Just know that you have the internal resources to do it, without anybody else’s help: Give your “Inner Child” some other pastime, make smoking the weakest link in your life, the one that need removing and replacing; Think about smoking as the defect, the reason for which your  parachute does not open. (I’m not saying that you should use this scenario and I’ll leave finding the right one with you. 

Smoking is a cultural habit: Let’s cut it from our culture! 
What do you say: Are You In?

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