Cats Forever: A Small Token Of Appreciation and In Memory of Helen Sanders

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Yesterday I was visiting the River’s End Cafe, on the beach, at Seal Beach, so I took few pictures of the place. It is one of those places build to remind one of the feel of the past. It is the place to have a bite, like after you a shower on the  beach to wash the ocean and the sand from your overly sun exposed skin: Will that pass for a suntan or a sunburn to your friends at the North Pole? Only time can tell-give it a few hour.
Like I was saying, here I am, taking in the fresh air, and moderate temperature of May, and admiring the architecture of the place, its color, the plants, bushes, and trees, and waiting for a hummingbird to get its lunch from the nectar of one of the flower nature designed especially for them (or may be it is the other way around).
And then I see it the Helen Sanders Memorial Plaque right at my feet, one corner of the ceramic tile broken already. But what about the dream: Was her dream turned activism, and foundation of care for stray cats broken? I thought, since I was there I could remind you of her, and her work.



The rest is up to you: If you wish to adopt a cat, or donate to the cause of Helen Sanders, visit the website:

One has to be passionate about something in life: What are you passionate about?

4 responses to “Cats Forever: A Small Token Of Appreciation and In Memory of Helen Sanders

  1. What a lovely tribute to a unique and remarkable woman; thank you very much for it. Those who started the rescue knew Helen personally and were moved by her work. Those volunteers who have come later, although they can never know her in the flesh, share her passion and know her spirit. We are grateful to carry the message.

    The volunteers of Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society (CatPAWS)


    • Thank You for visiting: I didn’t knoe Helen but just noticing her memorial, out there at the end of the beach in Seal Beach, was a unique moment. The are many memorials in California, but somehow, I found her’s unique, so I decided to give her another moment here amongst the people whom she inspired, just as many great social workers: thru her own example of dedication and selflesness in that in which she believed most.




  2. So lovely to see this post. Although I live all the way across the country (Virginia), it was Helen Sanders CatPAWS that helped rescue and get medical attention for quite a few feral and friendly stray cats around my Grandfather’s house after he passed away in March of 2010. It was through them and their great work that many cats were saved – spayed/neutered, vaccinated, given medical attention, and adopted to loving homes.

    I know rescues have been hurting in this economy just like everyone has. But I can personally vouch for the great work that Helen Sanders CatPAWS does in memory of Helen Sanders.


    • Thank You Rena,
      I was so impressed by the insignia built in Helen Sanders memory, because one could not think of a more appropriate environ: A outter perimeter of a perfectly naturally looking wood fence, encompassing the “River’s End Cafe”, in Seal Beach, the foremost construction on the beach, like an oasis. I have several photos of the place, and it is in its element. In a way it reminds of the free spirit of cats, while still so dependent on humans for their existence.

      The scene moved me, and I am very glad that it impressed you, ever so much as to comment in such warm words.
      I hope that your caring nature continues to keep you happy, and in this nobil action.

      God Bless,



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