Daily Archives: May 21, 2011

Birds Of different feathers: El Dorado Park, Today

 El Dorado Park is very large natural environment. People go there to fish, run, camp for the day, as the park closes at sundown. Some barbecue, some roller-skate, and some take pictures of birds and flowers. Sometimes of mushrooms, squirrels and caterpillars: all en passant, really, and with minimum intrusion. I took these photos with the Nikon D 5000, and 50-200 lens, but these birds are not afraid of people, as they are protected, and treated with respect. In return we get a glimpse in their lives, which are fundamentally related to ours. They search for food, they live in families, they enjoy the sun, and the gift of a home offered for them in good faith, all the while aware, and watchful of their safety. The eagles had just finished their lunch, and were ready to take off.

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Have fun!