Brewer’s Black Bird (Euphagus Cyanocephalus)

Black Bird Against Blue Sky (Liberty Park, Cerritos, California, June 5-2011)

Brewer’s Blackbird – Male pictured. Female duller brown. The Brewer’s Blackbird (Euphagus cyanocephalus) is a medium-sized blackbird. Adult males have black plumage; the female is dark grey. The male has a bright yellow eye; the female’s is dark. They resemble the eastern member of the same genus, the Rusty Blackbird; however, this bird has a shorter bill and the male’s head is iridescent purple. This bird is unrelated to the European Blackbird.The iridescent purple head of the male is a distinguishing feature. They often nest in colonies.These birds are often permanent residents in the west. Other birds migrate to the southeastern United States and Mexico.

Photo © George-B

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