Today’s Birthday: Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807)

Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807)

Garibaldi is considered an Italian national hero for his role in the Risorgimento, the movement to liberate and unify Italy. In 1848, after having spent time in South America learning guerilla warfare tactics, he returned to Italy to fight for its independence. He fought Austria in Milan and France in Rome. In 1860, he raised an army of 1,000 and attacked Sicily. By the end of his campaign, he commanded 30,000 men, with whom he seized Naples, before handing all of southern Italy over to whom? More… Discuss

2 responses to “Today’s Birthday: Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807)

  1. we often talked in our family about Garibaldi (my son in law is an Italian, my grandson too; sometimes we call him: hey GARIBALDI!)
    greetings from Germany;
    we had not much Garibaldis…


    • What would we do without our national (and now international) heros: the truth is that nomatter how fast we move into the future, we cannot loose sight either of the trail, nor those before us, who built it…Sometimes we may slow down and repair here and there, like after a long winter, or a storm. -G.


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