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What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?

Let’s say one day you wake up with a taste for ice cream: What flavor would you pick? But this post is about exercise not ice cream: what is your prefered exercise? calisthenics, jogging, brisk walking?

I enjoy a variety of exercises and I do them daily now:

  • 28 flights of stairs (ascending only, to protect my knees): I do this in 8 minutes, wearing my 2.5 lb ankle weights (which by the way  I wear all the day long). This get my metabolism going, for about 2 hours.
  • One hour brisk walking, and jogging for 5-6 miles in the evening (a great way to keep my body in shape, maintain and increase endurance and oxygenation (each other day I wear my 30 lb gym weights vest, and the 2.5lb ankle weights, for strength and stamina (I keep a 4-4.5 miles per hour cadence)
  • Two-three days (weekends) are reserved for the daily six miles, and a 20 miles cycling on my heavy bicycle (40 lb) in addition to 1-1.5 hours of brisk walking and jogging. I miss the stairs over the weekend though. 
  • Before and after exercising I warm up to allow my body to stretch for 5 minutes.
    You too can start exercising. Nothing big, it is all a one step at a time, and the first step is the most important and for most of us the hardest to make.
  • Good luck: Get outside, walk a little, the time to start is now! 

Clouds_073111 (My Sky & Clouds Photography Series)

moving clouds_073111_My Photography

moving clouds_073111_My Photography

Summer Pastel-073111-My Digital Oil Paintings

Summer Pastel-073111-My Digital Oil Paintings

Summer Pastel-073111-My Digital Oil Paintings

At the Beach_073111_My Digital Oil Paintings

At the Beach_073111_My Digital Oil Paintings

At the Beach_073111_My Digital Oil Paintings©

Water (My Short Poems Series): By George


Water knows the true horizon –
the depth and the hight, bellow and beneath
Touch: Water the air, air  the water –
Mix: appear, disappear, reappear


(By George©)

Somewhere in Time: The Memorable Musical Theme by John Barry

Somewhere in Time is a 1980 romantic science fiction tragedy film directed by Jeannot Szwarc. It is a film adaptation of the 1975 novel Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson, who also wrote the screenplay. The film stars Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer, Teresa Wright, and Bill Erwin.

Reeve plays Richard Collier, a playwright who becomes smitten by a photograph of a young woman at the Grand Hotel. Through self-hypnosis, he travels back in time to the year 1912 to find love with actress Elise McKenna (portrayed by Seymour). But her manager William Fawcett Robinson (portrayed by Plummer) fears that romance will derail her career and resolves to stop him.

The film is known for its musical score composed by John Barry. The eighteenth variation of Sergei Rachmaninoff‘s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini also runs throughout the film.
(Sourse: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somewhere_in_Time_(film)

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5 things you don’t know about the debt deal (Reuter_James Ladbetter)

http://www.reuters.com/resources_v2/flash/video_embed.swf?videoId=217809061 “>5 things you don't know about the debt deal (Reuter_James Ladbetter)
5 things you don’t know about the debt deal (Reuter_James Ladbetter)
(Click on the link above to view the video at Reuter)

Via Reuter:

5 things you don’t know about the debt deal (4:37) 

Aug. 2 – Congress just passed an 11th hour debt deal to keep the U.S. government from defaulting on its loans. Reuters Op-Ed Editor, Jim Ledbetter, walks us through his five main concerns with the new law.

Did debt-ceiling drama damage Obama?

Did debt-ceiling drama damage Obama? (Click to find out the answer)

Our Sputtering Economy, by the Numbers – via ProPublica


Our Sputtering Economy, by the Numbers_via_ProPublica

Our Sputtering Economy, by the Numbers_via_ProPublica (click to access the ProPublica article or follow the link bellow)

Source: http://www.propublica.org/article/our-sputtering-economy-by-the-numbers#yours

Democracy Now: “They ask for bread? Why don’t they eat cake?” (Quote attributed to Empress Marie Antoinette of France)

Rep_ Donna Edwards on Why She Voted Against Debt Deal_A Bad Framework for the Future

Rep_ Donna Edwards on Why She Voted Against Debt Deal_A Bad Framework for the Future

The emperor spoke: The reach are to powerful…Lets empoverish the poor. (Exccept: Not everything is on the table)


Definition: (adjective) Yielding a fair profit.
Synonyms: paying, paid
Usage: The lack of opportunities for gainful employment in the county after the lumber mill closed meant that many families had to apply for public assistance. Discuss.

This Day in History (August 3rd): US Senate Ratifies the Antiballistic Missile Treaty (1972)

US Senate Ratifies the Antiballistic Missile Treaty (1972)

The Antiballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty of 1972 limited the number of defensive antiballistic missile systems allowed to the US and USSR. Effective ABM systems had been sought since the Cold War, when the nuclear arms race raised the specter of complete destruction by unstoppable ballistic missiles. In the West, the treaty was seen as a deterrent to nuclear war, since neither side would be able to fully protect against nuclear attack. Why then did the US withdraw from the treaty in 2002? More… Discuss

Quotation of the Day: Charles Dickens – About Human Social Relations

It is a melancholy truth that even great men have their poor relations.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) Discuss
The above quote comes from the story entitled, Bleak House written in 1853: Charles Dickens: Bleak House

28. CHAPTER XXVIII: The Ironmaster: Read the novel at Bleak House—complete story. (Please thank www.literaturepage.come for the above quote in context and the complete story.)


Remedy to this HUMAN shortcoming: Let’s agree to disagree without being disagreable…Or else! (also: not every disagreement is bad enough to war (war: an extreme ideologico-economical incongruence that can be appeased only by eliminating the incongruence) over it anyway, or it shouldn’t… You know?)