Does money bring happiness?

In the beginning I did not need a penny: why would anyone need money to learn how to walk, or talk. By the time I was getting my patty training, the game of reward and disillusionment was on, I realise now, many years later. Yes it was worth going, I’ll tell: smily, I mean really smiling faces, high pitch praises, really would make you have a close encounter with heaven. The first deceiver was a hard candy; not only I almost choked on it, but it started working on my teeth before I knew it. May be it is a reason for which I recollect with reverence my grandfather: he never extended his arm holding a candy in his hand, but a Deliciously flavorful Jonathan Apple. They were his prefered, and they became mine. From him I learned that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and boy was I afraid of doctors. Especially those with a dig mirror and a pinhole in the middle thru which they try to look up your nose, in the back of your mouth, and for a really bad day, in your ears. Crying never worked on doctors, so I just went cold turkey: Go ahead you want to look in my ears, for what ever reason, I can’t do anything about it…so have a blast. 

Back to my grandfather: I learned from him that if you go to war, even if you’re not an warrior, you may get shot at and  in his case loose a two or three fingers. I remember that right hand, missing the thumb, the index, and the middle fingers. I remember the way he had to hold the fountain pen, when he was writing. And I understood then that I disliked wars, I still do. As a result of millions of drafted civilians, after WWI, Transylvania, was finally annexed to “The Country”, Romania, Together with Bessarabia and Bucovina, other old Romanian territories, in then in the hands of empires and emperors. Romanians from Transylvania, called Ardeal, by us Roumanians, were very happy with the union. Their centuries old prayers were becoming reality. That did not last longer than a flight to Saturn, really about 20 short lived years. And then war again, and retrocession of territories again and many deaths again, and again and again…It never stops, the war never stops: hot, cold, economical, ideological, the war is here to stay. Is the foundation of humanity, one short word that decimated everything in its pass of destruction. Nobody wins, and then you have to start making stories, excuses, and write and rewrite history, to avoid bad reputation, or worse. 

Who knows I may come back to this text, I may add more on the subject (which by the way was, again the question: “does money bring happiness?”)

I’ll have to say that it depends how you acquire it, and that while work is noble, stealing is not (I include here speculations, like the ones evolving from the antisocial concept that greed is good: It’s not, never been. How could it be, when it is against all concepts of morality and social behavior, and the root of a lot of ill.  

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