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W.A. Mozart: Agnus Dei (Coronation Mass in C-major K317): San Pietro Basilica, Roma

Herbert von Karajan conducts The Vienna Philharmonic and The Vienna Singverein
Soprano: Kathleen Battle
Altus: Trudeliese Schmidt
Tenor: Gösta Winbergh
Bass: Ferruccio Furlanetto

The Krönungsmesse (German for Coronation Mass) (Mass No. 15 in C major, KV 317; sometimes Mass No. 16), composed in 1779, is one of the most popular of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart‘s 17 extant settings of the Ordinary of the Mass. This setting, like the majority of Mozart’s mass settings, is a Missa brevis, or short mass (as opposed to the more formal Solemn Masses or High Masses, known as Missae solemnes). (continue reading at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronation_Mass_(Mozart)
I first heard this sublime music at my church, Sr. Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest (Ro. Catedrala Sfantul Iosif din Bucuresti), in the interpretation of the elite of Romanian musicians.  

Agnus Dei: J.M. van Bronkhorst

Cascade Concert Choir
Oregon State Chamber Orchestra conducted by Marlan Carlson.
St. Mary’s cathedral in Mount Angel, Oregon
Jean-Marie van Bronkhorst is the Choir Director of Cascade High School in Turner, Oregon.

Inocente Carreño – Margariteña

Inocente Carreño, was born in Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela, December 28, 1919.

Margariteña (1954)

Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela conducted by Maximiano Valdes

Carreño was Professor of Theory and Solmization at the José Angel Lamas Superior Music School for thirty years, and for twenty-five years was a horn player in the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra. He was the director of the Prudencio Essá School of Music founded by Antonio J. Ochoa and himself in 1970, and was Counselor Minister of the permanent delegation of Venezuela to UNESCO in Paris from 1984-1988. As a conductor, he has led most of the symphonic orchestras in Venezuela. As a musician and composer, he has received the most important distinctions granted in Venezuela.

Thrid Royal Wedding

Third Royal Wedding

Third Royal Wedding (click to view video at CBS)

Digitization Projects: ProQuest Uncovers More Treasures from European Rare Book Libraries

Digitization Projects_ ProQuest Uncovers More Treasures from European Rare Book Libraries_via INFOdocket

Digitization Projects_ ProQuest Uncovers More Treasures from European Rare Book Libraries_via INFOdocket (Click here and read the article at INFOdoket)

Today’s Birthday: Christiaan Eijkman (1858)

Christiaan Eijkman (1858)

While seeking a bacterial cause for the nutritional disorder beriberi, Eijkman, a Dutch pathologist, noticed a resemblance between a nerve disorder in his laboratory chickens and the symptoms of beriberi. He traced the chickens’ disorder to a change in their feed—it had been switched from brown to white rice—and surmised that white rice lacked a dietary component found in brown rice. This eventually led to the discovery of vitamins and earned him a 1929 Nobel Prize, which he shared with whom? More… Discuss

This Day in History: The signing of the Weimar Constitution

Weimar Constitution Signed into Law (1919)

Written immediately after World War I, the Weimar Constitution was the document that governed the short-lived Weimar Republic of Germany. It declared the nation a federal republic governed by a president and parliament and was a strong attempt to establish a liberal democracy in Germany. However, it was adopted during a time of civil conflict and failed with the ascent of the Nazi Party in 1933. How did Hitler manage to subvert the Weimar Constitution after he came to power? More… Discuss

The List: 5 Weirdest Worms at the Smithsonian

The List: 5 Weirdest Worms at the Smithsonian

The List: 5 Weirdest Worms at the Smithsonian (click a little, read a lot)

Let’s continue our visit at The Smithsonian: You want to check out some worms…weird worms…well the Smithsonian got the 5 most weird, and want you to see them too: Isn’t that cool?