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Back to Downey: More Photos

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Honorable Del Clawson _ Stateman and Humanitarian
Honorable Del Clawson _ Statesman and Humanitarian
In Memoriam_The Space Shuttle Columbia Crew

In Memoriam_The Space Shuttle Columbia CrewIn Memoriam_The Space Shuttle Challenger Crew

These three monuments are located in the Downey City Hall Plaza.
To their right stands another monument, dedicated to John Gately Downey, The seventh Governor of California and first of foreign birth (born June 24, 1827, County of Roscommon, Ireland).  Fellow the links to find out more about these men, and their influence on the people, land and political and social life of California and the USA.

John Gately Downey - Seventh Governor of California

John Gately Downey - The Seventh Governor of California

Humor Me, Humor You, With an “How To”, Instructor (Show n’ Tell): Twinklybird

It’s just a joy to see that  so many talented people can promote their ardent passion for expression with the aid of the internet, and in this case YouTube.

Love (My Short verse Collection)

Love slows you down –
you stop and rest…

Love has vanished, its memory, only,
lingering in the used up atmosphere…

So you catch the wind again and fly off.


Abraham Lincoln: Come sit with me on his bench (quietly though, Abe is immersed in writing)

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Today we’ll meet Abraham… yes Abraham Lincoln. Not in Washington DC, but here at Liberty Park in sunny Cerritos California: one of the nicest public parks built along the San Gabriel River, one block south of Cerritos Auto Square and off Studebaker. Continue reading