Weeds – Season 5 Episode: Flash Mob “Say Hey” (I Love You) – Michael Franti

spontaneous spectators, at a spontaneous performance makes a Flash Mob

Mary-Louise Parker seats  at a table, opposite to a back paking youn man, in this urban outdoor water cooler, seeping on her oversized some soft drink…And then, the whole place swings and rocks, in the percussion rhythm preceding the music  of “Say Hey” (Michael Franti)  flash mob. Now the crows has become, ad hoc, spectators and performers  And then, just as spontaneously as it all started, it subtly subsided, with everybody splitting, going their own way.”What is this?”, She asks the kid. “Flash Mob”, he sais. “Why?”, she asks.  “Cause it’s cool!”, he answers her.

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