Indignati-guerriglia in centro a Roma (October 15, 2011)

Indignati-guerriglia in centro a Roma

Indignati-guerriglia in centro a Roma (click here to access the article, and the videos at Corriere della Serra)

(Translated from Italian with Live Search. Unedited.)

 Black bloc in action, 5 hours of guerrilla warfare

Hundred injured in clashes: three are serious

 The defeat of peaceful demonstrators. Carabiniere (policeman) hit from infarct.

 Clashes until late evening. Twelve arrests

 ROME-an afternoon of guerrilla warfare. What was to be a peaceful protest to protest against the economic crisis and against the costs of politics has turned into a nightmare for the capital. The Outraged, who had promoted the parade and that they were parties with the best intentions, with choirs and colorful flags, were defeated by 500 young hooded and armed with sticks, bats, bombs and smoke that have infiltrated by degenerate the day of action. Violent clashes in piazza San Giovanni, historic place of trade unions and democratic, and other areas of the capital along the route of the procession were the culmination of a series of incidents started around 15 in via Cavour, with flags burned, cars and trash bins set on fire, violence against those who challenged the thugs. A hundred wounded hospitalized. Five-hour battle with urban forces stormed by a hail of stones and paving stones from the black bloc and a couple of soldiers who risked their lives in the burning of a police van ablaze by violent groups. Two crews were attacked; a photographer wounded in the head. A man may lose the use of a hand. At the end is recorded also the budgetary restraints, twenty in all 12 persons implicated in various capacities of accidents is snapped shut. Among their young of Bari, Trento, Catania, Siracusa, Brindisi and Naples.

BARRICADES to the STATION-In via Cavour were destroyed around the 15.30 the Windows of a supermarket and two banks. Then in via Labicana, stormed the former Inland Revenue and a subsidiary of Banca popolare del Lazio at the intersection with via Merulana. Attacked two Skytg24 troupe: an operator was taken off the camera, then destroyed. Meanwhile the thugs entering a temporary employment agency in the Colosseum, devastating the region. And after the eviction of piazza San Giovanni around 20, the battle has shocked the Esquilino neighbourhood, while the black bloc headed to the train station Termini. The latest clashes with barricades torched cars and garbage bins in via Merulana committed again until late in the evening the police. Sunday, with the light of dawn, you can count the damage.

 CODE RED-CHARGES and were about a hundred wounded (including thirty members of the police), including three in serious condition and hospitalized in Code Red: a protester left and freedom who lost two fingers in the explosion of a firecracker; a policeman hit in the chest and a third person who reported multiple trauma.

 CLASHES BETWEEN DEMONSTRATORS-all afternoon peaceful protesters have tried to isolate the violent. Then they sold, and around 19 the procession was broken and many have fled from areas of accidents. In the evening, however, a group of outraged you would have collided head-on with some of the hooded. A band of black bloc has moved instead to late evening in the streets around via Labicana. The town was garrisoned by the forces of order. The ultimate goal of black bloc-which has kept on alert the police-were the binaries: the crowd had spread the rumor that could be closed by the police station, where the violent were converging. But after the 20.50 the situation in port was quiet. Are skipped during the afternoon, about 1,500 ran public transport due to damaged video surveillance systems in several Metro stations (five of these had been closed since early afternoon). Should also be recorded incidents on other 2,500 races and, inevitably, the traffic full tilt in the Center. Incalculable, at the time, the damage to private vehicles, banks and shops.

 CHAIN of DEVASTATION-In via Merulana, where the masked armed had found shelter after police charges in piazza San Giovanni, apocalyptic scenes are seen: barricades, shops and torched cars, dumpsters, destroyed, disposed of on the ground to form barriers. And a continuing one towards law enforcement means deployed. In the late afternoon, in piazza San Giovanni, the fighting harder: stonings, assaults to the police; a police armored car was torched. Fortunately, the two soldiers inside were able to get to safety, while protesters continued to attack vehicle with smoke bombs and bombs. Other means have been blocked, surrounded and subject launches stones, rods and stones. When the police forcing them to withdraw, the black caps have set fire to several cars especially in via Boiardo. Overturned dumpsters, showcases branch Unicredit burned and broken. The entrance to the venue of the Pdl in via Etruria devastated. Clashes also in piazza Tuscolo, via Magnagrecia and via Etruria. From the Windows of citizens-that during the first part of the procession had applauded the outraged-have tried to stop the violent with a thick throwing objects.

PANIC IN the BASILICA-the biggest scene of fear and panic have taken place in San Giovanni, among people who had come from all over Italy to demonstrate peacefully. In front of the basilica, a group of ordinary people found himself caught between violent demonstrators and charges of police and carabinieri. Someone broke into tears, others have cried for the dense fog of tear gas fired between the Caelian and via Appia. Many moments of friction between the peaceful protesters, the procession shouting ‘ Disgrace ‘ and ‘ Go ‘, and the black bloc. Alterno’s relationship with the police forces: at the beginning have been applauded by outraged peaceful, but then someone has harshly criticized for not immediately loaded the violent. The police have managed to maintain a calm, decisive: mostly limited themselves to charges of lightening and only in the height of the fighting-when the black caps have attacked with stones and poles uprooted, smoke bombs and reacted with paper-decision.

Rome, the parade of outraged Italians

ISOLATE the violent-the Mayor of Rome, in the evening, warned against excesses of tolerance: «I hope that tomorrow will not restart the usual speech-said Alemanno-when the police and the police will try to isolate hitting these forces violenteche are centres of violence known in Italy. They were two months from the web were meeting in Rome. Then the first citizen stressed his appreciation and its proximity to police but also the peaceful demonstrators.

 The PROCESSION of the OTHER-But there were not only violent between about 200 thousand come to Rome for the Day, the Day of Indignation. Others who marched in the parade are students, thirties, forties, fifties, precarious workers, unemployed workers and freelancers. They were shouting slogans, but stressed: “we do not want clashes or violence”. They had arrived from all over Italy, via train, car, coach. Colorful, creative, outraged. And armored. Thousands have reached piazza della Repubblica, where the procession is started (in advance, we are too many “) with all the «outraged» Italy in conjunction with other 81 countries around the world. All ‘ United for global change» and «we say loud crisis not pay ‘. Some carried a large banner with the inscription «People of Europe: rise up! “.

 Photo Gallery: llery/roma/10-2011/corteoindignati/1/roma-corteo-indignati-italiani_57097ac4-f72c-11e0-9ce3-b3213c3a5a87.shtml

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