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Wireless Electricity by Magnetic Induction Coupling demo

Wishmaster (1997) – Fear the Djinn

“Once, in a time before time, God breathed life into the universe. And the light gave birth to Angels. And the earth gave birth to Man. And the fire gave birth to the Djinn, creatures condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds. One who wakes a Djinn shall be given three wishes. Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions of the Djinn shall be freed to rule the earth. Fear one thing in all there is…fear the Djinn.” (From Wishmaster)

Happy Halloween, and be careful what you wish for and more importantly: of whom!

Happy Halloween: Alice Introduces His Top 13 Scary Videos On YouTube!

Generator Seizure Forces ‘Occupy’ Creativity At Occupy Wall Street: Via Associated Press

After firefighters seized power generators and gas cans from Occupy Wall Street protestors, the demonstrators were forced to come up with a creative solution to power their laptop computers and mobile phones. (Oct. 31)

And this is how the history is written and these are the heroes!